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by Sachin Khandelwal 96 months ago
somebody please help me....i cant share anything on fb and when i try, it comes that fb is not responding......

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There is certain limit for sharing dude....
96 months ago
Sachin Khandelwal Sikar # 2
so now i can never share ??????
96 months ago
lets hope not...even i am facing the same problem..
96 months ago
just now i gave u 8 points...

96 months ago
Sachin Khandelwal Sikar # 5
i also....
96 months ago
96 months ago
Sachin Khandelwal Sikar # 7
96 months ago
Sachin Khandelwal Sikar # 8
i gave u another 8 pionts.....
96 months ago
ohooo !!!!

96 months ago
me too....
96 months ago
8 points lol !!!!

96 months ago
Fellow managers please stop posting irrelevant posts like this for likes . Forums are for helping out people's doubts and queries .even i have stopped doing this . So please maintain the decorum of forum .
96 months ago

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