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Musky competition - But not for any comparison with anyone

by SC (Angry Black Panther) 92 months ago Win Musketeer
My Dear Friends !! 

I love to play games with U all, not for wining anything but to make U all closer to me in HW...

Here is a musky competition for you..  :)

But please read the rules 1 st ..

1) U cannot be a muskeeter now or have been earlier. (I will take the call on this).
Trial pack accepted.

2) U have to say in maximum 25 words..... 
Why U love HW ??...---------------- 
It will fetch U upon  20 marks as total..send reply to

3) U have to say in maximum 50 words any one feature u want should be implemented/modified in HW------------- 
It will fetch U upon 20 marks as total ..... send reply to

4) Prediction contest on today's ( 31/3/2014) any match  60 marks... 
6 questions will be asked (no negative markings).. 
U need to post it in this forum

Only 20 registrations allowed !! 

(5 nos will be kept as extra)..( On first come first serve basis)

For Sl No. 2 & 3 send reply to

For Sl. No. 4, U need to post here.. (during the evening league matches).

But before that registration starts NOW,  and registrations ends at 12 noon today...

Questions for Sl. No. 2 & 3 to be sent to me between 12 noon - 6 P.M.

Questions for Sl No. 4 will happen during the Match 

Send everything after 12 noon today (31/3) once the final 20 is selected.

Cheers !!

Queries ::

NaGiRedDyAnVeShReDdY (Drunkers XI) 3 minutes ago #72   Report Abuse
Sir SC (Angry Black Panther )
can i get the approximate timings for  predictions ???

Prediction will be based on a particular league tonight.
League matches will start from 8 P.M. & will continue till 10.15 P.M. (scheduled)
Prediction will be a continuous online based on the match (i.e. first question will be given at 8 P.M. & gradually during the course of the Match the total 6 questions will come one by one).

Rules for the Prediction Contest today :

1) Time 8:00 pm till 10:15 p.m. today (U need to be present online)

2) It will be based on 6 questions asked one by one for the On going matches of League V.253 scheduled tonight ! It may be for any Match of this League.

3) U can post ONLY ONCE for a particular question.

4) Posting more than once will lead to your dis qualification from answering that particular question.

5) First one to say the Right answer gets +10. Others do not get any marks.

6) I will put up the Question and say U the deadline time by when U need to reply to that.

7) Organisers decision Final & Binding on All !! :P


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With this I announce the closure of this Competition !!

Congrats to Adhiraj for getting Musky and also to all those who participated  directly & indirectly !!
92 months ago
Sir SC (Angry Black Panther ) thanx for this compitition, had lot of fun, will wait for another compitition from u :P 
92 months ago
92 months ago
Congrats Adhi :) Well done SC :)
92 months ago
Thank you guys :)
92 months ago
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92 months ago: SC (Angry Black Panther) closed the forum post.
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