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30 Year Old Highly Skilled Players

by DazedNConfused (Marilize Legajuana) 99 months ago
As per my knowledge they will lose on skill points after they are 30 years old.
Is it a good idea to keep a highly skilled 30+ year old or does it makes sense to sell them off before they reach 30 ?

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There are two ways for this

1) You can keep him . As by keeping him you can consistently groom your youngsters . Always play old player at 2,4,6 position. or in bowling groom your youngsters around him

2)You can sell him . You will get somewhere around 2M or less than that for him , if he's a batsmen and around 3M if he's a bowler. But right now market is flooded with awesome batsmen so i will advice you against it.

Earning money should hardly a factor here . Because you can earn money by expanding stadium and if a high skilled player is in your team , your winning probability is high.You win more , your stadium gets filled more quickly

In my case , i'm keeping my old guy to groom my young players . and my thinking is this because i'm planning to go to next division , in the season after the next season.The only problem i'm going to face is his fitness .
99 months ago

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