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New League Joining

by Vaishakh V (Big Bang Beasts) 100 months ago FAQ
Can I join in any league after the completion of the current league...?
Is it done automatically or can i choose where to join? If so,whether my friends in the present league will come to the next league also??

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Right now you are in 4th division . So these are the the possible cases that can happen with your team .

1) If you hold 1st position in your league at season end . You are going to get promoted to III division . At first you can be put randomly in any league . From thereon if you want switch leagues in III division you can do it by giving some meager amount.

2)If you are going to hold positions 2-6 in your league at season end. Then you are going to stay in same division that is IV division .But you still be having option for switching leagues in IV division only before next season starts.

3) If you hold position from 7-10 in your league , then you are going to be relegated or demoted to lower division i.e in your case V division . There again you would be having chance to switch leagues within V division.

Now for switching leagues , some points to mention 

1)You can only switch between leagues not division . Remember this fact .That means if you are in a particular division , you can switch within your division not any other division.

2)For switching , your team can replace only bot teams .So make sure where ever you and your friends are switching teams , it should be having enough bots to switch you and your friends teams.

3) Switching league option is available only for division lower than 2 . That means it is not available for DIV I and DIV II.

Hope it clarifies your doubts
100 months ago
Thanks a ton..!
100 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 3
sweet answer... Faq-ed it! 
lol neat verb eh ;)
100 months ago
moderators what my issue is there are lots of team in div 3 who didn't deserve to be their nd still they will continue to play their in new season also as per your rule the team who stand 2nd or wteva still remain in div 4 tat's not fair plz luk at this make some changes!!
100 months ago

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