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wild card

by arjasethan 99 months ago
it is really frustrating to see the bowler how have conceded lots and lots of runs in his first  spell will bowl his second at the end when we are watching the match its really frustrating by knowing that we cant do any thing by looking at the match due to this so there is lots of  possibility for loosing interest  so i think  if there is any wild card which will be used only once in a match to change  batting or bowling order will be very much helpful to alert all the managers to see there match to make some strategy for there team during the match   ..pls do any comment on this

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Objection based on 
1). Unfair advantage to people who are online during the game. 
2). The bowlers ability is strictly dependent upon skill index, form, fitness and pitch factor. And each delivery is a independent realization and not dictated by past occurrences. The batsman might have a "karma" logic, that hitting a good bowler too many times might increase his chance of getting out. The only way to make sure you dont end up getting hit around is to play your best bowler in best form.  
99 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 2
A bowler who gets hit a lot initially, will likely bowl better in his second you are better off playing the same bowler than anyone else really.
This rule applies in cases where the bowler's skill is better than the batting skill of the batsmen he bowls to.
99 months ago
Wild Card ha...Omkar Annayya Aata show na...
99 months ago

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