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Placement of a team in a particular league

by Rocking_Drifter 99 months ago
It is disadvantageous to place a team which came in the last to be in the last league. I think the more the improvement there should be skipping leagues within a season itself. Since the generation of the team itself is random all the teams need to be identically treated.
Also the random teams which have gotten caught should be deleted immediately. It is pointless to play a game against those teams which are not going to have a manager

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Don't think it this way . Think what will happen if a new team is placed in III division . Due to strong oppositions , his/her team will relegate back to lower divisions .That i'm sure will happen will happen because now-a-days III division is having who are all almost a season experienced.

Plus placing him in lower divisions gives him time to train his players in better way . He can train any1 in any order because he/her has freedom to do experiment against lower skilled bots or new players while in III division this could cost him/her the game.So new teams get better training in lower divisions.

Developers are taking care of multiple teams . Don't worry about it . And about managers who made his team once and then didn't returned to hitwicket for whole season .His team will start degrading in form and fitness both . and eventually his team will turn into a bot.

Trust me . Developers here have considered each and every aspect of this game and provided features accordingly . 
99 months ago
@rao all leagues in a division are identical(the league IV.1 is equivalent to league IV.19)... the winner doesn't get promoted to upper league but he is promoted to upper division
99 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 3
Teams with managers who neglect their duties by not logging in for a month are automatically turned into BOTs. Their players are reset and new users can be assigned to this team.
99 months ago

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