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New Season Questions

by Inbaraja Pandian (Inbas 11) 107 months ago
Do we get any additional funds or bonus after completing the season?

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no additional funds..... but yes u can get small prize money if any player of ur team makes it to season records like most sixes in ur division etc.
107 months ago
can group toppers have any rewards??
107 months ago
It would be a nice idea to get rewards at the end of the season based on the position in the league. The team going to the higher division can use it in building their team to match the standards.
107 months ago
Sir Rajat Singhal (Young Rajputana) Hyderabad # 4
Yeah, the league winner gets the prize on season end, and that varies based on the division you league is in..and @Inbaraja Pandian (Inbas 11) that is exactly the reason behind it..
107 months ago
@rishav : But the money you give is not enough to build anything !! :-P
107 months ago
Will the new season begin immediately after the end of the current season or is there a break for a specific period?
107 months ago
There is a one week break.
107 months ago
@Inbaraja Pandian : I 2 strnglly agree wid u on dis. Some additional funds must b given 2 league topprs and dat 2 vary based on the league u are in.
107 months ago
haan bhai... imagine a meek 3rd division team competing with 2nd division monsters... give them something to work with :D
107 months ago

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