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Sunday Special - Know the Hitwicket Stars!

by Bjorn Fernandes 93 months ago Editor's Pick
It has been a fantastic season so far in Hitwicket with the introduction of HW credits, Hitwicket Android app, India Cup II and also the skill indices re-vamp. So it was about time I went hunting for the successful Hitwicket managers who did something special and most importantly succeeded on their first attempt, in the seasons decade.  I was privileged to interview the winners of the inaugural India Cup, Inaugural U20 Cup i.e U20 Cup I and also caught up with the best batting and bowling trainers of the game. 

Winner of U20 Cup 1- Pramod Sripada i.e Vizag Winners had to say, 
"I never thought that I will win the U20 Cup because of the mighty Cyclops and Devil Bull. The main advantage for me on the match day top two bowlers popped to exemplary and they were in superb form."

Winner of the first India Cup (Uttar Pradesh Shooting Stars), Pulkit Goyal. - 
"Winning the India cup is the best memory to cherish in Hitwicket world and the moment of lifting the first India cup may never come again. I would like to thank to people of UP who voted me as a HC. Assistants especially Rahul played equal role in victory, from selecting the players till the last ball of the tournament. UP succeeds for their training plans by UP player's owners, support from the people for finding good players and finally putting the strategy that worked against opponents."

One of the best bowling trainer, I caught up with- Komil Sharma (Team Killer Dollies) who cast aside her busy schedule and made time for the interview had to say a lot on her spin trio, '

How did I train S. Gupta or for that matter my training regime ?
The secret is 1.5-2 seasons of BV training to start off with. Those were hard times as high BV is useless without BM.

S. Gupta's future in the game ?
Well he is Magical/Accomplished, by the end of this season he will turn Remarkable at BV. He will be a monster not just now but also in the times to come.

What I feel about having the best bowler in the game ?
The trail of stars they (S.Gupta, P. Rastogi, S. Hussain) get every Monday/Friday and India Cup matches is a delightful sight to see. 

One of the best batting trainer, I caught up with Ram Krish (Team Ram Leela), who unfortunately did not make the interview. He has got good batsmen, most of them playing in the India Cup II. 

Also, a hearty congrats for the best manager and the only one to win the Hitwicket Premier- Men From Earth.

The season's decade is not over yet as the Hitwicket awards initiated by Dani Justin and Tleostoy are yet to come. Stay Tuned!! 

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Great work..
93 months ago
At last media is enable to catch Komil.... :P A good post.... :)
93 months ago
bhai mereko aisa likhna sikhana:D plssss  _/\_
93 months ago
Mr_Anderson Durban # 9
@bjorn You are biased... Maximus should have been interviewed.. Hw will shitwicket without his team
93 months ago
Bjorn Fernandes Mumbai # 10
neo (Neo the Nemesis)

I interviewed only those teams, who made an impression on their first attempt.
Killer dollies was a people's choice because Sunil Gupta, the bowler was outstanding in IC and was in everyone's mouth ! It would be partial to only to credit a bowling trainer so I thought a batting trainer deserves credit too. Hence interviewed them.

I know there are many good teams - Vikraal, CyClops, SLASH XI, Maximus & Scotch are my personal favorites of the game.

I also mentioned about the Hitwicket Award's below because famous and deserving people do not go missed out. Of course, they will be interviewed when they come to pick their awards from Dani Justin and Tleostoy. ;)
93 months ago
One of the best bowling trainer, I caught up with- Komil Sharma (Team Killer Dollies) who cast aside her busy schedule and made time for the interview had to say a lot on her spin trio..

Bjorn will be remembered as the First Media person to interview Komil Sharma(Killer Dollies).

Surely a good post! :)

93 months ago

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