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Player Auction

by Alex Morrison (Aussie Chin Music) 77 months ago Tips
What are the key factors to consider when buying players?

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Updated at: 23-03-2014

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CricmaniaC Kolkata # 1
factors change according to your needs but fitness and experience are 2 factors u should observe in all cases, greater the better
factors depending  on your need- age, skills
if you are in search of trainee, u need young players and even mediocre skilled would do
if u are not going to train, u need old and accomplished/remarkable level players according to your budget
77 months ago
Actually players are the most important assets in HW........
They can make you richest from rags..........

Always try to understand first the money which you can earn or lose by buying a player for your team.......always connect your buying or selling of players to long term benefits or losses you will connect that to money and then decide.........Read the below post to understand this

U can ask any finance related questions here or there in the post....thnx
77 months ago
Try to buy players who fit your needs. After you have played a few matches, assess your weaknesses, and decide whether you are going to think short term or long term. If you are thinking long term, buy young players with OK skills. If you are thinking short term, buy older players with very good skills. But always remember to spend according to your budget...Remember, you incur large costs from player salaries and stadium/scout maintenance.
77 months ago
Remember don't buy players just because you're losing/winning matches. Analyse your requirements, keep looking into the auction for a player you think will bring better balance to your team in the coming seasons at the RIGHT price. Dont let yourself blow away any amount in heist of a single player. Then there's TRAINING, AGE, SKILLS many other factors you will have to look into. With experience you will understand better.
77 months ago
Key factor is ur finance
77 months ago
thanks for all ofur sugession.. its really helpful
77 months ago
go to your finances page, go to bed, try not to cry, cry alot.
77 months ago
think of your finance before bidding......
77 months ago
2 things u need 2 kip in mind wen u enter t auction market!!!!! Filter the players as per ur budget so that t cost does not exceed!!!!!!!! Ten within the same budget luk fr t best player and one who is feasible :D u r sure 2 make gud buys ten :D
77 months ago
sought the players based upon their age and skill level, try to accomodate young players such that their training seems to be quick
77 months ago
buy young players and train them..
77 months ago
Div IV
number10 (cDravidbKumble) Vancouver # 12
Sorry for the off topic comment.  Every post of Shyaam Kishor is always liked by Vigneshwaran. They must be really really good friends.
77 months ago
ur money :)
77 months ago
and this ^ guy above has amassed so much money that Swiss banks gave up...:)
77 months ago
When you place a player for auction there is a charge of around 5k and there is a deduction of around 5 percent of bidding amount I don't understand the point of this. Also this leads to inflated bidding price. And whenever we report a over priced or cheaters a percentage of the fine that is levied upon the user should be shared with the  complainer. 
77 months ago
buy young players and train them.. is the best way
77 months ago
Ayan Bagchi (Assasin's Creed) Kolkata # 19
his age,skill level.and most important karta hai boss :-)
77 months ago
ya money plays major role in auction...!!!
77 months ago
77 months ago

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