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PART 3 is here!
95 months ago

The only Dev!

by ParthDedhia (Koffee XI) 95 months ago Fun

Here comes one more surprise from HitWicket!

Kapil Dev, one of the so called legends has reported the website Administrators to use his name without paying royalty. The so called 'Devs' of the site which are technically the administrators made a thought of using the term 'Devs' for themselves to signify Indian Culture. However, it seems they have now fall into trouble after this.

It was seen that Kapil Dev made an account on HitWicket this morning, immediately after many other cricketers did so, when all came to know about Rohit Sharma heading this site. However, he just got disappointing as he came to know about the admins of the site using his name without him knowing so. [  you can only understand this para if you read this one]

"I AM THE ONLY DEV HERE", he procliamed

Kapil Paji wanted to file a suit case against all the Devs... I mean admins for unfair use of his name without the authorised permission. However, the admins offered a couple of proposal in front of Kapil Dev to overcome court proceedings.

At first they offered Kapil Dev a free musketeership of 3 months which Kapil refused on the spot. He said,"Even if you give me a six month subscription I am not gonna take it"

So the admins just gave it a try and asked to extend the musketeer subscription to one year, which still didn't amused Mr.Dev.

Later, under pressure admins also offered the chance to own a new team in India Cup 2 namely 'Pardesi Chore' but Mr.Dev was just not under control.

Something needed to be done, or else it would be have been a demon tale, but an instant idea came in minds of Devs to give 10% Stake of Mizoram Muttonchops to him.

There was a shine on his face! He agreed at the very moment, and the deal was about to happen but suddenly there was a striking of thunder in the sky and then appeared, Mr.Rajnikant.

"Who has dared to buy a stake in my team?", Sir Rajni roared. All admin turn down their faces. Kapil Sir went on to knees and proclaimed appology.

Rajni Sir replied, "Its alright boss! I wont mind it! Yena Tathastu!" and vanished.

Now the devs again got in a fix what to do, then came Lord Ronak Hellrockr with his brilliant idea!

Kapil Dev was given a chance to play with Mizoram MuttonChops and it was decided that if he won then the Devs will make Kapil Dev a Dev on HitWicket or else he will have to leave HitWicket and tack back the case, we all knew what happend next.....

Any Guesses??? PART 3 -

P.S: This is also a post just for fun and it had no harsh feelings for anyone. Also, the permission was taken from Ronak Agarwal for mentioning his name in the post. All the devs and Mr.Kapil Dev both are really hardworkers of the site and of our country and the post doesn't want to hurt any of them. I also dont feel there is anything need of reporting this post, as its just a post for some fun and humor unlike other posts which are totally useless.


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bubblesrish Chennai # 61
ha ha ha hah nice post bro
95 months ago
bubblesrish Chennai # 62
nice post ha ha hah funny 
95 months ago
95 months ago
Sharply Written, and the way HW admins(cant say "DEVs" now :p) offer Musketeer packs and 10% stake in MM and Rajnikanth coming to rescue of his own stakes, is really funny.

Two thumbs up!! (y)
95 months ago
HawkEye (Dharmshala Rockstars) thanks a lot :P

More coming :P
95 months ago
nice work @Half Blood Prince
95 months ago
bubblesrish Chennai # 67
waiting for more ...ha ha hah hah hah hahah 
95 months ago
more coming for sure :P
95 months ago
cool post gud sense of humour.. but look out u will be murdered on ur bed by Mr. Dev
95 months ago
No one can touch me :P

Except.......... :P
95 months ago
when is the next coming up
95 months ago
certainly today
95 months ago
waiting 4 ur next post dude
95 months ago
keep waiting

but not for long :P
95 months ago
Akhil Vijay (Red Devils 007) Kottayam # 75
Superb one.Liked reading it
95 months ago

PART 3 is here!
95 months ago
so how was part 3? :P
95 months ago
Rohit Rohit (krdagrt) Bangalore # 78
only dev is kapil dev
rest awl are developers ahaha :P
95 months ago
Rohit Rohit (krdagrt)

So you think you were right :P
95 months ago
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