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Just that I got an awesome scout. Rest everything an exaggeration, as it would be when a player is signed, using TV channel, news report, player rumour, blah blah blah... Sir kaukrishhh (SUPER SCOUTERS)
93 months ago

Rajni Kumar's fury unleashed on Hitwicket Managers

by IndianMourinho (The Match Engine) 93 months ago Editor's Pick
My team's press release! :P

Attached below is The CNN article on our latest recruit Ajit Murthy. The team management doesn't refrain from priding itself excessively just like its manager and the fans, so we have no problems in promoting this than preparing an official one, as we have more important works in store like watching Manchester United being LOL-ed at. We let you assume whatever you want to after reading this.

TheSpecialArcs' press release that came out early morning has raised a few eyebrows.  Of course, an announcement like this would most definitely do that. The update read:

"Watch out! In a year's time, this will be one of its kind! Rumour is that DNA match has been found with Rajni Kumar, who is about to retire. At a time when Mizoram Muttonchops are being mercilessly hammered by the 1st Division Giants, Rajni has unleashed his fury on Hitwicket managers through AJIT MURTHY! How the team wishes he had a better name, like Lawrence Rowe for example. 

While TheSpecialOne is getting bigger, the team believes, looking at Murthy's characteristics, he is destined! Leftie, Reliable-Hopeless pacer, Mediocre vs Spin, 17.17 yrs old!"

When TheSpecialArcs'  Editor-in-Chief, Alagappan Vijayakumar contacted IndianMourinho for a word on the 17-year-old, he got the following reply:

"Destruction is on. Ask them to be ready."  

 It would be confusing for outsiders to understand whom he had referred to by 'them', but Alagappan, having done a 6-part interview with him, was quite confident when he wrote in his column that 'Kashyap and Co. in the first division needs to prepare for the storm that is rising.'

A viewer, in their television show, asked Alagappan about his confidence on the interpretation when IndianMourinho is not known for his open statements; the editor-in-chief clarified by saying, "it doesn't make difference as the manager is quite open about certainties, and it is only strategies that he is hell bent on not revealing."

When further quizzed about the path charted out for the youngster, he said, "Your guess is as good as mine as far as the plans for Ajit are concerned, but, when he is being compared to Rajni and not to the 15-star bowling legends in the 2nd and 3rd divisions or at the bottom of the 1st division, IndianMourinho sure has left a big clue there."

It is also being said that Ajit's character has not gone down well with his team mates at TheSpecialOne. The media attention has led to the youngster taking excessive pride on his abilities; the team management has clarified, though, that they do not suck like the ECB in taking decisions and will see through a way to manage the teen sensation.

Handling mavericks may not be issue given that IndianMourinho is one himself. But, hey, has Alagappan made a sly dig at the 15-star bowling 'legends'?

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Short of words, thats all I can say. Fantastic, marvellous...all seem to have no weight at all!!!! U hav great imagination and awesome writing skills, combine them and u can do wonders. AND u have already combined them!!! :-)
93 months ago
LaSt_MaN_StAnDiNg (ThE FOrGoTtEn OnE): Ha ha! Thanks for such kind words mate:)
93 months ago
93 months ago
saurabh7705 (Dark Knights) Hyderabad # 4
You should get paid for writing Press releases for other managers. :P Just a thought
93 months ago
Ha ha! I am open to it:) 
93 months ago
ur awesome bro:)

but my poor mind didnt understand the actual content,can u tell me in simply words whats the matter
93 months ago
Just that I got an awesome scout. Rest everything an exaggeration, as it would be when a player is signed, using TV channel, news report, player rumour, blah blah blah... Sir kaukrishhh (SUPER SCOUTERS)
93 months ago
Sir IndianMourinho (TheSpecialOne)  so i didnt understand that blah blah:P

i understood  that u were comparing Ajit with Rajni,anyways thanks for answering:)

and i admit what what saurabh says:)
93 months ago
Sir kaukrishhh (SUPER SCOUTERS): Ok,I did not know you wanted to know that. 

Here it is - Upon signing Ajit, the team (TheSpecialOne) issues a press release, which becomes the talk of the town. TheSpecialOne has a TV channel named 'TheSpecialArcs', whose editor-in-chief is Alagappan. He contacts the team manager Indian Mourinho to get more details about the player, for which he gets the reply -. "Destruction is on. Ask them to be ready."  

The 'them' here is the first division managers who are destroying Mizoram Muttochops: Ajit is coming to haunt them for humilitating Rajni's team.
When, in a live show, Alagappan was asked about plans for Ajit, he says the fact that he is compared to Rajni and not any great HW bowler indicates he will be trained as an all-rounder and not as a bowler.

Then a bit on the youngster's character, who apparently seems to be arrogant as everyone is full of praise for his talents.
93 months ago
nw, i got everything:)

hats off for ur patience
93 months ago
Excellent work but Utd wasn't LOL-ed :-P
92 months ago
For a change :P
92 months ago

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