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Funding this game

by Nikhil Somani (Dexter's 11) 107 months ago
I was a little curious when i saw the developers replying to most of post in the forum, which basically means there is a team working on it .......was just wondering how your funding is taken care of??? because i see no advertisements or any as such monetary benefit out the game.

Just a little marketing act I thought would be useful in getting some funds for the game, so that you can have better teams, more competition , more people working to better the game and more functions to it.

You could look for a sponsor that gives away price money for the man of the match.....Eg Graham Oxley my captain is MOM for a game he gets 10,000 as price money from REDBULL, So every match the MOM line would say  " XYZ player is the MOM and he receives a Rs 10,000 from ABC.

I don't know the number of matches played all together in a month, but these many times your sponsors name would be that virtual amount should be given by HITWICKET , but funding money you can ask ABC sponsor how much they are willing to give ........say u have 500 matches in a month so u could ask for 30,000 every month sponsor with a banner on the website sum where.

That can be also for every Match winning team, best wicket keeper of the season  or batsmen ...etc
Highest scorer, wickets .....etc etc

I think you could easily raise around 50k-60k for the game through sponsorship.

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sid6376 Pune # 1
"A million dollars is not cool.. You know what's cool? A billion dollars."
107 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 2
Hi Nikhil,

Our company builds web projects for others, thats how we sustain ourselves.

Good idea about the MoM, we too have been contemplating ideas like you mentioned, the option for teams to pick their weekly sponsor, etc. We'l have to look at such things in more detail sometime next year. Right now the game isn't really as good as we want it to be, so focusing only on that :)

107 months ago
Now this is the kinda forum post that I like to read :)
107 months ago

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