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2nd position promotions

by Srikanth Chakkilam (Srikanth's Sainyam) 99 months ago
I was actually wondering if promoting the 2nd position guys is a good idea. If they are being promoted because there are many vacancies and not on merit,chances are many of them might actually slip back into the 3rd league again next season. Why create the illusion that they are being promoted ?

This question is only for argument sake and not to provoke guys who are finishing 2nd

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Poisson (GDF Champ) Bangalore # 1
@Srikanth - There is totally different reason for promotion of rank 2 player of 3rd division. Managers can't be invited to Div 2 while this is not the case with Div 3,4,5. And Dev's want to get rid of Bots from Div 2.

To come come to your logic - anyone getting promoted to higher league doesn't mean they can't get relegated next season. It all depends on how good they plan and use their player to remain in promoted league or even go above.
99 months ago
But for someone who's been in league 2 from Sep, kind of players, training he has, kind of money he has, does he not have a  advantage on someone who's joined hitwicket this month and immediately promoted to league 2.
99 months ago
Poisson (GDF Champ) Bangalore # 3
Does it really make any difference.. btw the plan is only bots will be replaced from Div 2 left after standard relegation process.

This game runs aptly on the Darwinian evolutionary theory - survival of fittest!

BTW Rank 2 aren't getting walkover, they too are earning their promotion by winning in the playoff.. so it is a fair deal.. :)
99 months ago
GreatZeus (Olympians) Hyderabad # 4
I have checked Division 2 and there are only 4 bots which survive only 4 out of 16 will be promoted.Some teams in division 3 deserves a silverware and this is good opportunity.
99 months ago
anil reddy Pune # 5
i too agree that 2nd placed teams also should be promoted to the next division........
99 months ago
us9898 (Us9898) Bangalore # 6
if bot teams are to be removed from the leagues and div 3 is having a tournament to get the second ranked  up wont that create a vacancy for div 4 teams to move up one place too. and i the competition will be fierce for div 4 as 64 teams might eye a spot or 2 opened up in div 3.

the whole idea is when u attempting to remove the bot... instead of putting the bot in div 3 get it out completely. 

to reduce the number of matches in div 4 we can have a knock out tournament  
99 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 7
Keep in mind not all Leagues in a Div are equal, there is a high possibility that a strong team in a strong league may finish #2 while a decent team in a weak league may finish #1. So we can't say which teams will do better in Div II.

@us9898: A fews BOTs in Div III is ok for now, leaves room for invites and league switching options. maybe at the end of next season we may block invites to Div III and kick out BOTs from it in a similar way.
99 months ago
Should actually a few BOTS be left in the game to let people know about how the experience is different from playing with real teams.. I mean only when there is darkness will you know the value of light.. If you kick out all the bots you are making it an ideal world in some sense
99 months ago

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