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friendly matches are only for reliable managers?

by harsha99 99 months ago FAQ
frienfly  are conducted only on friday?

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Yup friendlies are scheduled on Fridays. I think friendlies are unlocked for "Reliable" managers because you need to spend some time with the game, figure out training strategies and the game in general.

After playing it for a while once you realize how the game is you will automatically reach the level of a "Reliable" manager, the manager point system is designed this way. You earn managerial points upgrading stadiums/winning matches/recruiting and training players etc.

Once you know how to go around in the game you get to challenge others as for a first time user it may be too much information to handle.
99 months ago
ImCursed # 2
@aditya singh Bhai ye sahi nahi hai....mujhe mostly game ke baare me pta chal gaya hai but mai reliable nahi pahucha :P
99 months ago
Rishav (Meerut muskateers) Hyderabad # 3
@ImCursed, aaram se pahuch jayoge dude, khelte jao game :). 
99 months ago
@ImCursed abe sab tumhari tarah mentalist thodi na hote hai :p
99 months ago
saurabh7705 (Dark Knights) Hyderabad # 5
ImCursed (Dare D3vILs) - you are not reliable...but atleast you can poke your any reliable friend to play friendly with you....if you can't do that...then you are exactly as your name...
p.s. - just kidding :P
99 months ago
Satyasarthak (Shree) Bangalore # 6
@ImCursed....will invite you for the next friendly....!!!!!dont worry... :-)
99 months ago

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