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Batting Training Tips By The Experts!!

by Abhishek Kaushal (The Northern Thunder) 79 months ago TrainingNewbie
Hi guys... Well, there were not much threads about batting training and managers had plenty of questions about batting training in their mind, especially newbies. So I decided why not give a try to solve their queries.   But worried that a post has meen made by a brown manager of division 6? No worries! I HAVE the experience of batting training of 6 months but still, those various questions which newbies and some lazy experienced managers have in their mind, will not be answered by me.   But if not I, then who is going to solve their queries? Well, the answer is very simple. We have some BATTING TRAINING EXPERTS with us who will be answering all our questions throughout this post. It was a great fun talking with the experts and I am sure that the answers which they gave will surely help the batting trainers.    And now - About this post! After visiting many forums, I made a list of 10 questions which are GENERALLY ASKED BY BATTING TRAINERS. And then, those 10 questions were answered very clearly and briefly by our 3 experts. It was just like an interview with the experts about their experience in batting training, you can say. Well, excited to know who are those experts? Here they are...   1.) Sir Blank -> Manager of "DesiGnated Drinkerzz", which is currently in Division II. Blank is the assisstant coach of Chattisgarh state team and his team ranks as the 2nd most powerful batting lineup in Hitwicket.  2.) Sir Sunil Sahoo -> Manager of "Kalinga Rangers", which is currently in Division II. Sunil Sahoo is the head coach of Odisha state team and his team ranks as the 4th most powerful batting lineup in Hitwicket. 3.) Sir Sayak Ganguly -> Manager of "Warriors of Bengal", which is currently in Division III. Sayak Ganguly is the head coach of Bengal state team and his team ranks as the 12th most powerful batting lineup in Hitwicket. So these are the experts who will guide us throughout this post.. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(For Newbies) First of all have a look to the game manual..Only players who bat at positions #1, #3 and #5 in the batting order of a match will get training.All six players who play at positions #1 , #3 and #5 in the 2 weekly matches will get training for the week. However if players 'A','B' and 'C' play both matches at positions #1, #3 & #5, they still receive only a week's worth of training, NOT MORE. Therefore it is optimal to play different players in both matches, to make sure 6 of your players get trained.Training is based purely on match orders, so even if a batsman does not get a chance to bat during the match, he receives training as long as he's scheduled to bat at position #1, #3 or #5.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time to start off with the questions..As I said - 10 questions - Answered by the experienced batting trainers.. 1.) What should be the age and skills of a batting trainee while buying him? Blank -> I would say, if you have hell lot of money and want real monsters after few seasons then you should go for 17.30 yrs or below reliable/reliable players. Otherwise, just start training anyone below 20 which has skills at least avg/avg.We can always sell these players after 1-2 seasons and buy much younger trainees. Sunil Sahoo -> Below 17/30, Acc/Rel or Rel/Acc even rel/rel 17/10 is great. Price depends on the market , i mean supply/demand & U20 cup time. Sayak Ganguly ->Its not possible for a newbie to buy awesome trainees like acc/acc or rel/rel of 17 yrs. well, there is no limitation of good the best trainee that u can get luckily in the market is 17.0 yrs acc/acc. bt that is almost impossible. bt what do i prefer at least avg/avg of 17.20 or less. or rel/rel of 17.40 or less. Ishan -> Try buying below 18 yrs batsman(atleast Rel/rel).. I know its tough for new teams to outbid established teams. So for this you can follow a cycle of training and selling.... Buy avg/avg batsmen of 17... you can get them easily for under 2M.... Train them for 2 seasons and then sell them off to make money and then start your proper training plan.Most important aspect about any training is Age. When you select your 6 Trainees, try going for almost equal aged trainees. eg All 6 should be around 17-18 at the start of their training. This would help you a lot when you will shift from batting to bowling training. 2.) How much time does it take for pop ups in different skills in batting training? Blank -> Batting training literally tests your patience level as pops will be much slower. I never really maintained a record book, so can tell you exact number of weeks. But roughly it takes 4-5 weeks from Reliable to accomplished, around 6 week from accomplished to Brilliant for each pop and around 8-9 weeks up to masterful. Sunil Sahoo -> Avg-Rel 3/4 weeks, Rel-Acc-Rem-Bri 5/6 weeks Bri-Exe-Pro 6/7 weeks. with batting training ( not batting seam or batting spin). Sayak Ganguly -> considering a trainee of 17.20 avg/avgavg/avg to rel/rel 3 weeksrel/rel to acc/acc 4 weeksacc/acc to rem/rem 5 weeksrem/rem to brill/brill 6 weeksbrill/brill to exem/exem 6 weeksexem/exem to prod/prod 7 weeksprod/prod to fan/fan 7 weeksfan/fan to magni/magni 8 weeksmagni/magni to master/master 9 weeks thats batting only recordbatting only = 50% batting seam + 50% batting spinbatting seam = 2/3 batting seam + 1/3 batting spinthat is 66.66% batting seam + 33.33% batting spinso anyone can calculate if 50% takes 4 weeks then how much week can take 66.66% Ishan -> Avg-Rel = 3-4 weeksRel-Acc-Rem-Bri = 5-6 weeksBril-Exem-Prod = 6-7 weeks 3.) Batting or batting spin/ seam - Which training you prefer? Blank -> It doesn't really matter if you choose batting spin first or batting seam first because ultimately we need a batsman who is good in both skills. Personally I prefer to go with BATTING only because it is hassle free. I never had to stress my head about when to switch to other skill. Sunil Sahoo -> Suppose you have a crumbling pitch ( you have 5 28+ aged spinner), you go for batting training. My way: go for 17/30 Acco/Rel batsmen( rel in spin batting). go for 2 seasons of batting spin only, so by the time the batsmen are 19/30, they will be Bri+/Exe+Then shift to usual batting for next 3/4 seasons till you switch to bowling . the advantage here is your batsmen will improve faster in spin batting, thereby giving advantage in home matches. Also with batting seam at accomplished level, the gap between batting seam & batting spin will not be more at end of 1st 2 seasons of batting spin only training. Sayak Ganguly -> I mostly preferred batting onlybcoz i prefer balanced skillsif u give a player training in only batting seam or spin, his spin or seam skill will increase more....example-suppose you train a player A in batting seam for 1 seasonso his skill in batting seam will increase when u'll give him training in batting spin, he will be older and his increase ratio will decreseso his skill in seam batting will increase faster than spin when u will switch from seam to spin DazedNConfused -> "I personally think Batting training is only good till your players reach mid/late blue levels in both Batting Seam and Spin. Once they are around Remarkable or Brilliant I would personally advise Batting Trainers to switch to either Batting Seam or Batting Spin training. Reasons:  You know the pitch you have !  You know the league you are in !Think ! Analyze ! If it is Spin dominated then choose Batting Spin and same goes for Seam dominated leagues. You would get faster POPs and your batsman would start scoring runs very soon winning you matches. Ishan -> I know many would disagree on this but i feel its better to have a balanced batsman than a non-balanced one who is better at one department say against seam. If you have a balanced batsman you can make him play against any attack and at any position. Ads not by this siteRahul ->  Only you can decide on it yourself actually. Personally, if you r thinking long term I would suggest you to go for batting seam for a few weeks...get one pop atleast(As u r weak in batting seasom in comparison to spin) for each of them and then go for 'Batting' only training. So that your batsmen don't end up being a single pitch bully :/As they say 'Horses for all courses' train you batsmen in both skills.  Scotch -> Your batsmen should be good at both the skills. Not only in spin or seam. Unless there is a huge imbalance, stick to batting training. It generally takes 6-8 weeks for a batsmen to pop at high skill levels. I have currently Prod/Exemplary batsmen but they dont stand a chance against skillful bowling line ups like Kashyap/RIsky Jats etc. If you really want to sustain in top leagues, dont worry about the time taken and make your batsmen atleast 18K [Prod ++]. There is no point in having Brilliant basmen and changing your training mid-way for bowling as once you are done with batting training you are expected to have 6 solid batsmen and not worry for atleast 6-7 seasons.  4.) What are the benefits of a left-right batting combination? How much does it effects the bowler? Blank -> Left-Right combination is something which must be followed religiously because It reduces the bowler's capability by almost 1 star whenever strike changes. Sunil Sahoo -> Each time the batsmen change the crease, it lowers the star rating of the bowler by 0.5 star, but it is for only 1 ball. Sayak Ganguly -> it effects by 10% of a bowler10% meansif the bowler gives 10 star, he will start giving 9 starsbt it stays for only 1 ball Ishan -> As you can train 6 Batsmen, so try selecting 3 left handed and 3 right handed trainees... If you would have read the game manual, Left-Right Combo at the crease decreases the bowling ability of a bowler... Its just for 1 bowl but still if batsmen take singles every bowl then the bowler wont be able to bowl at the best of his ability. 5.) As fitness plays an impotant role for a seam bowler, is there anything which boosts the performance of a batsman? Blank -> Fitness impact is minimal on batsman. They will perform normally if their fitness level is not below unreliable. We need not to train them in fitness every now and then, just keep them in or around decent. Sunil Sahoo -> Fitness just a minor advantage for batsmen. so no need to give more than 1 fitness per season(only during season break you should go for fitness, even if it meant your support spinners went to unreliable fitness). Also as long as batsmen are in decent fitness, they perform nicely. Sayak Ganguly -> fitness is not a big issue of a batsman, batsman can even perform well in unreliable fitness.... but poor fitness is not good at gives only half star difference between superb fitness and unreliable fitnessbut when his fitness become poor, his stars starts decreasing.... Ishan -> Fitness does not affect a batsman that much than it does for a bowler specially a seam bowler.  6.) While training in batting, ultimately our batting lineup will become strong. But what steps should we take to ensure that our bowling lineup is also good? Blank -> Being a batting trainer, you will never have a big bank balance as we don't have extra trainees to sell. So we need to be opportunistic while buying bowlers.Few thing which newbie should keep in mind : 1. We need not to buy younger bowlers like 20 yrs old. 2. Buy a bowler who have high experience, players with USELESS experience are actually useless . 3.Run behind fitness not form, because form changes every Saturday and players in bad form go cheap. 4. Buy what you need. Don't run behind every bowler in the market. 5.Always keep one awesome bowler, he is more than enough to demolish bowling trainer's batting line up if you know when to use him. Sunil Sahoo -> It depends on which division you are in, like for Div IV/V , you can go for 27 yr Acc/Med spinners or Rem/Med spinners with decent/good fitness. They can support you for 3 seasons. But if you got for aged seamers, they will require more fitness training, which will hamper your main training plan. Sayak Ganguly -> while u r in div 6 or 5, remarkable/useless and acc/usls bowlers are enough to survivein div 4 minimum u need at least remarkable/useless bowleracc/usls is useless in div 4in div 3 at least rem/med and brill/meddiv 2 at least rem/avg and brill/avgand div 1 exem/avg or prod/avg 7.) Till what skills should we train our batsmen so that they are ready to face the deadly bowlers of the game?Blank -> This question is too tricky to answer. It is relative to bowler's skills. Since, we got many deadly bowlers around now, so one should aim for at least mag/mag batsman. But the way killer dollies is going, looks like we would need legendary/legendary batsman soon. Sunil Sahoo -> Ideally it should be Masterful/Masterful , but if you have crumbling wicket you could aim for magnificent/supreme & for green the aim should be supreme/magnificent, so that in home matches you have the advantage. but all 6 of your batsmen can't be like those. so top 3/4 should be like that. Sayak Ganguly -> well at least 5 batsman till magni/magni.... and one fan/fan (wk) DazedNConfused -> Ideally you would want all your batsman to be at least Magnificent in both Seam and Spin. You can get them to Masterful or even Supreme in the skill you would be training bowling.  8.) Does salary really becomes a major issue for a highly-skilled player. If yes, then at what skills should we stop the training (batting training)? Blank -> Yes, salary becomes a bit of issue but then No one stops training just because of salary. I guess we should stop at masterful/masterful skills because by the time you hit this level, your player will be already 40K giant and will be capable to playing all sort of bowlers. Sunil Sahoo -> Salary will be a issue, but with India cup once your batsmen hit a good level like Prod/Prod or Fantastic , they will be in a state team & earning their salary from HW council. So no issue till the batsmen hit Masterful. Sayak Ganguly -> Ya salary becomes a little bit prblm when they reach to high skill.... But till remember that if u can make legends, they will definitely make an entry to state team and will save your salary....till magni/magni training is preferred as per concerning the salary issue.... DazedNConfused -> Why not Masterful/Supreme in both Batting Seam and Spin ? Salary ! The Salary would hurt you real bad ! I think you can make 1 or 2 such players but 5-6 such players in team would hurt you bad financially. This would not be sustainable in the long run." 9.) Till the age of 20, what should be the minimum skills of a good batsman? Blank -> He should be somewhere between Exem to Prod in both the skills. Sunil Sahoo -> If you are looking for best, it should be Exe/Exe, that will be a good damn player on way to Masterful level. Sayak Ganguly -> before 20 exem/exem, during 20 prod/prod..... DazedNConfused -> Nonetheless if you have a trainee who is Exem/Exem by 21 or even mid 21s he is good.  10.) How much diiference the sub-levels make at higher levels? Blank -> Not much of difference. Difference will be visible when you are actually very close to next pop like just 1 or 2 weeks away. Sunil Sahoo -> There is no impact till Exemplary. After that there will be some difference, but i doubt it will be visible to clear eye. Sayak Ganguly -> the difference of sub-level increases when the skill goes very high.... That's why it takes more time to pop fan/fan to magni/magni than exem/exem to prod/prod.... that's why buying good trainees is necessary so that we can reach to magni/magni at the age of 23 and then can switch to bowling.... DazedNConfused -> At orange levels the sublevels make hell of a difference. You can have a trainee who is Exem/Exem by 21y65days but reaches Prod/Prod by 22y2days he is still good. Extra tips from the experts - Blank -> Just be patience, your Hard work will be paid off some day! Sunil Sahoo -> If you are training batting, then don't give more than 1 week of fitness per season. while buying from the market try to buy 3 left handed along with 3 right handed. Try to buy those who are in at least decent/good fitness so that you don't need to train them in fitness till season break. Sayak Ganguly -> newbie can but decent trainee like 18 yrs rel/rel or late 17 yrs avg/avg or early 17 med/med and then can train him to a certain skill like rem/rem and then can sell him... withthat sell amount they can replace trainees.... that should be the plan of a newbie to adjust with their low finance.... Useful comments in this post - #62, #92, #76, #329 and #352 (to know what sub-levels are). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So that was all guys..Sorry very much for such a long post - very long. If you think you are unable to read all, then first of all decide the best batting trainer among these 3. When decided, read the suggestions of only that manager and ignore the rest 2. This was just a suggestion, if you read everything, it will be best.. Hope this post has helped a lot of batting trainers and have solved their queries..But if any query still left unanswered, then post it here - Experts are always there to answer!! This was the suggestions/advices of the experts. You are most welcomed to share yours too.. And at last thanks very much to Blank (DesiGnated Drinkerzz), Sayak Ganguly (Warriors of Bengal) and Sunil Sahoo (Kalinga Rangers) for giving their time to this stupid interview. :P

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FatAkash (Fat Men) What you said can be correct. But no, a player with skills rel/rel will not popup to acc/acc in his first training. If his age is below 18 or say below 18.30 and you give him batting training, he will take atleast 2 trainings ( mostly 3 or 4 ) to become acc/acc. No batsman can popup from rel/rel to acc/acc in his first training. But if it can happen, there are only 0.01% chances of it..
79 months ago
FatAkash (Fat Men) Well bro, I would like to add one thing more.
I said that there are 0.01% chances of it only if he has the lowest sub-level. If his sub-levels are high, then he may popup to acc/acc in first training..
79 months ago
FatAkash (Fat Men) Well we cannot see sub-levels or how high or low sub-levels of a player are. We can just guess about that..

Consider 2 batsmen - Batsman A and Batsman B. Both of them are currently reliable/reliable and are of allmost same age. Batsman A has been given 2 batting trainings by his team and batsman B has not recieved any batting training from his team after he reached rel/rel.

So who will popup to acc/acc first?
Ofcourse batsman A.

But skills of both of them are rel/rel, then how we come to know that batsman A will popup first?
That's beacuse batsman A is more likely to become acc/acc first as he has been given 2 batting trainings by his team whereas Batsman B has not been given any batting training and he will become acc/acc after Batsman A.

So, in this case, we can say that sub-levels of batsman A are high compared to the sub-levels of batsman B who has low sub-levels.

Hope you understood what sub-levels are..
79 months ago


79 months ago
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