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Player Auction - Switching Pages

by arsenalian (The Unstopabbles) 109 months ago
I don't know if this has been brought up before, but on the Player Auction page, you scroll down through the list bottom, and click on next page; it takes you to the next page of course, but it stays at the bottom. There should be an automated 'Back to Top' whenever you go to another page there, it's strange clicking next page, and then scrolling up back through the list. It would also give a sort of indication, that yes, you have been taken to the other page.

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Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 1
good point, we'l take care of it. cheers :)
109 months ago
Yeah... Navigating Player Auction page is like changing TV Channels. You spend so much time scrolling through the same players quite a number of times when you've decided the first time itself you're not going to bid on them. If only there was a Hide button for each player :-) that would probably be a lot of work on the backend though.

They use ajax for Page Navigation which I would have personally wanted to be non-ajax. I've basically bookmarked the first 2 pages and the last 4 pages (which I've chosen to be 11, 12, 13, 14 as per my usage till now) in my bookmarks toolbar to avoid having to scroll to the top (which takes around 7-8 wheel movements) or to reach out to the keyboard and hit the Home key. Here are the links which I use. If you would like to do the same, you can click on them and they will open in a new tab, and then you can bookmark easily.


I suggest you do the same until they make it more seamless.
109 months ago
I see that you've added an autoscroll, to go back to the top. Looks good, looks a bit dizzying though! Either you could make it a bit slower, or make it sort of accelerate upwards?
109 months ago
It doesn't matter how fast the acceleration is, it will get slow over time as people will get used to the current speed. Kind of like playing Tetris at speed 10 :-) I would vote for getting rid of the acceleration altogether and just opening the next/previous page at the top.

However I would really like to have this non-ajax so that my browser's Forward/Back button work. Without that it feels a bit handicapped to me.
109 months ago

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