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Simple Math Behind Bowling Main Training Meter...!

by Maximus (The Gladiators) 91 months ago

I have a seen a number of people puzzled over the training meters when they go for Bowling Seam/Spin training… Given below is the simple math it follows…


·         Seam Bowling Training

·         The 1st match is considered in the solution. Later, the percentage from 2nd match is just added.


No. of overs bowled by seam bowler A = x

Total No. of overs bowled by Seamers in the match = y

Effort of bowler A = (x/y)

The amount of training he gets = 12*(x/y) [because 12 overs is the maximum limit]

% of training he gets = [ { 12*(x/y) } / 4 ] * 100 [because the training meter’s maximum limit is 4 overs worth of training]


If a seam bowler bowls 4 overs, and all the seamers bowl 20 overs, then the training this bowler gets is 60%... So, the training meter shows 60% full…

If a seam bowler bowls 2 overs, and all the seamers bowl 12 overs, then the training this bowler gets is 50%... So, the training meter shows 50% full…

The percentage of training from the 2nd match can be added to the initial percentage to get the total... If the value is greater than 100, take it to be 100 only...

Optimum Solution:

Make 3 seamers bowl 4 overs each in the 1st game, and another 3 seamers bowl 4 overs each in the 2nd game... Make sure that the remaining 8 overs in each game are covered by your spinners... 

You can also follow this:

A-1st match-4 overs

B-1st match-4 overs

C-1st match-2 overs

D-1st match-2 overs

C-2nd match-2 overs

D-2nd match-2overs

E-2nd match-4 overs

F-2nd match-4 overs

The above tactic can be used if C and D are not your better bowlers, but you want to train them...!


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I really can’t understand what you’re hinting at…!

Absolutely clueless…!

Don’t even understand whether you’re saying the post is correct or wrong…!

90 months ago
for exchange of bv details that is :P

90 months ago
this post is perfect man
90 months ago
Satyasarthak (Shree) Bangalore # 124
Done....I am not buying anymore bowlers....kinda getting bored with bowling training. ....can you wait for a couple of weeks.....this weekend ll be having good amount of cash but need a little more to buy yours...what say....that ll give mr a good support in the spin department. ..and I can start thinking bout seam after that
90 months ago
90 months ago

Thanks for clearing it… I hope I can share some hidden knowledge in the future when I need it… For now, I guess what I know is enough, at least for my division...

90 months ago
Buy at end of season,i ll train bm till den
90 months ago
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