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Sunny Leone Fantasy League (Registration Closed)

by Parth_Parikh (King of Kingz) 92 months ago Win Musketeer
Hello guyz,
First of all, let me clear it, this name was suggested by #Tharki_Tleostoy and by #despo_Murali.

Now coming back to the tournament,

This is a tournament is based on the INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE.

Some of the basic rules include:
1.) 8 teams take part in this tournament.
2.) You can apply for leadership of a particular team.
3.) These 8 teams will buy an IPL team, and later, few players, based on which points will be awarded to particular teams.
4.) Registration details have been given below:


1.) All BRILLIANT AND ABOVE managers can apply for the post of team leaders.
2.) All the applications shall be made via the google form given below.
5.) The captains will be chosen as per their application, Each Applicant must give us a good reason why he/she can be a good captain.
6.) Reason for the captain being BRILLIANT is just that a manager of that MRP is unlikely to leave HW any sooner, and moreover, playing for so long, he deserves a musky other than others. We don't mean to do any kind of partiality.
7.) DEADLINE: Deadline for applying for captain is by tomorrow (09/03/14) 11AM IST. Results will be out in afternoon and Auctions might begin in the evening.


1.) Each team must have 5 MANGERS. Managers will be selected as per the chosen captain, we will play no part in it.
2.) EACH TEAM MUST HAVE 1 ORGANIZER! This is to ensure that people don't think this is biased towards the organizers. We are 8 organizers (mentioned below), and each organizer will be a part of 1 team.
3.) So now, Team Includes: 1 captain, 1 organizer and 3 OTHER MANAGERS chosen by the captain as per his well.


As I said, there are 8 organizers. They Are:

Sir Tleostoy
Sir Sajju Menon
Sir Partho Das
Sir Major MS Dhoni, our Sponsor
Sujan Hegde


All 5 members from the winning team get 3 Months Musketeership by Sir Major MS Dhoni, as the winning prize :)

Other Rules will be submitted soon. Please start applying for the post of the captain :) 
Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

So guyz much awaited results are here:

Sayak Artaxes Nil Cricmaniac Siddharth Rachit Bhargav Hafizz

All these people are requested to join our GROUP ON FB:


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Updated at: 10-03-2014

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none has taken me????
92 months ago
RK (World X) Trivandrum # 263
there is no point in asking for taking us into the squad. 
92 months ago
if someone quits you can count me in...
92 months ago
We are sorry guys who ever missed out ... selecting the team was in captains hand not d organizers
92 months ago
Ramesh Yadav manchester # 266
92 months ago
organisers plz make 2 other teams name them kochi and pune then we people can also play
92 months ago
RK (World X) Trivandrum # 268
Organizers plz do that. Earlier also u ppl made KTK . Please dont disappoint ppl who r willing to join the tournament.  Sir Tleostoy (Heroes Of Hell)  Parth Parikh (King of Kingz' XI)
92 months ago
Rakesh - Bro the point system is such that we cannot add 2 new teams ... sorry dude ... stay der in the forum ... if any of them is not playing regularly ... we will surely try to accommodate you guys
92 months ago
RK (World X) Trivandrum # 270
92 months ago
Sathya Narayanan Chennai # 271
is dere any vacancy??? my team....
92 months ago
if anyone is inactive pls do consider me
92 months ago
Yep Guys
You All Are In The Waiting List
But The Most Of The members Are Very Active
Hope You Will Get A Chance :)
92 months ago
ok sir i will try next time..

92 months ago
srujan (droit) Thanjavur # 275
what is this actually !!!!
92 months ago
srujan (droit) Thanjavur # 276
plss add me in guys
92 months ago
sachchamp (Sachchamps) Guntur # 277
i commented a long time ago did i make it into list ??
92 months ago
Sojumon Mon (SCREAMING EAGELS) Pathanamthitta # 278
92 months ago
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