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Faces for players

by Nikhil Somani (Dexter's 11) 99 months ago
Can we like have animated faces nest to the players name, lyk in they show the players face next to his details or stats!!!!...............jus animated faces is all vr asking!!

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Rishav (Meerut muskateers) Hyderabad # 1
This has been on our TO DO almost since we started working on the game. We had a view versions as well. Its on the back burner at the moment, will announce when we plan to release this :). 
99 months ago
yep, great idea @Nikhil
hmm, make it a bit soon cant wait
its getting more exited manger rating, friendlies, ANIMATED FACES
\m/., \m/., HALA hitwicket HALA
99 months ago
Birju. N. Patel (TITANS) Vadodara # 3
coming with so many different looks might be an issue, maybe a do it yourself kinda thing might work well. 
99 months ago
@Birju - not really. You have a set of face shapes, hair styles, eyes, mouths, noses, ears, shoulder shapes etc., and you run a random generator for all the players, which will pick out one feature from each category. Check out each player in the game gets his own face, and I think there must be over 15 million players.

Moreover, you could add the feature that one could style his own, i.e. manager's face, which would of course show on the manager's page, and also here on the forums.
99 months ago
If you guys used"Rockband", they have some neat way to create animated faces !! I do not know the software they use though .. It lets the user change certain features of the human face thereby giving any look you want to give them .. 
99 months ago

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