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Time required to add seats to the stadium

by Joydeep Nandi (Devils United) 99 months ago

Can anyone please tell me how much construction time it takes for adding seats to your stadium? Also, does this time depend upon the number of seats you are adding! Please elaborate!


My home match attendances so far have been 3200, 4400, 4800, 6000 in chronological order. Now there is only one home game left and its still 8-9 days away after which there is the season break. I haave money to add around 1000 seats now. So I was wondering whether to add them now or to wait for sometime, earn some more money and add more seats?? Also, looking at the trend of attendances and based on experience, how many seats should I ideally add??

Experienced guys, advice needed!!

Madad karne waale to dua milegi!!

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it takes approximate 10 days ..... it will show the time before asking u to confirm order ..... my advice is that u should wait for some time befor adding seats as it will not be ready before next match and in a new season the match attendance is low for starting 1-2 games..... so u should add around 1000-1500 seats such as it should be just ready before ur second home match next season.... till that time ur fans will also increase so that ur stadium can go full and even u don't have to pay more stadium maintenance fee till that time
99 months ago

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