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All star team

by Jayendra Singh (Lycans) 99 months ago
How do you sort out players for team f the league and division ?
none of my players ever get included in the same even they have exceptionally well and with the best track record for team. for eg: in 2 matches in the week  one f  bats man scored century and ninety. 

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saurabh7705 (Dark Knights) Hyderabad # 1
All star team does not counts performances...It counts the Player Skills as batsman, bowler, or Stars which you see on the Match Scorecards...
99 months ago
Joydeep Nandi (Devils United) Gurgaon # 2
Yeah but isn't that a bit lame? I always wanted to post about this.....why not make an All Star Team based on the performances of that fixture alone! That way we'll see new faces and I'll be inclined to go to that page as well. Now I dont care about it coz I know it'll virtually stay the same week in week out!
99 months ago
See there have many cases where many less star batsmen scores good runs and top order batsmen fails .Performance is based on match basis . What is constant is Skill . that's why skill , form , age , experience , opposition bowlers all results in stars of a player.What a player scores is all dependent on all of this . Because for example

 suppose when sachin is batting , dale steyn was bowling . He gets him out after scoring only 8 runs . In the match now dale steyn is taken off and imran tahir and peterson are bowling for rest of overs. Now if dhoni scores a century . It doesn't make sachin a less of batsmen . So that's why it's called ALL STAR LEAGUE . not ALL PERFORMERS LEAGUE
99 months ago
Joydeep Nandi (Devils United) Gurgaon # 4

I agree to your logic!

But its just that the page stays more or less constant every time! I know its called All Star Team for a reason! Maybe have a separate page called Team of the Fixture or something so that i have enthu to check that page to see where any of my player's have featured in that list or not!

99 months ago
i guess its the same way our indian team get selected by selectors - only by skills and past record. Time for change. :)
99 months ago

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