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Bowling Variation Training (Updated)

by vizards (Mumbai Masters) 93 months ago
Well Guys I am Here to Discuss About BV Training

The Concept is Clear 1 Over of Bowling  =  25% Training
                               4 Overs in a Week = 100% Training

But The Question is Not This, The Question is IS BV REALLY WORTH ??

Well Opinions may Differ, But I say Training just BV for Completely 3-4 Seasons means Bullshit.

The Reason behind my such Language is I have Seen many team training BV and having Bowlers like Avg/Avg and Acc/Avg

Are Such Bowlers of any Worth ?? NO

BM and BV both are Important to make a Bowler Deadly.

I Personally Folow a Table

BM                             BV

Average                    Hopless
Relaible                    Useless
Accomplished           Mediocre
Remarkable              Average
Brilliant                     Average
Exemplary                Reliable
Prodigious                Reliable
Fantastic                   Reliable
Magnificant               Reliable/Accomplished

By this Table I Ensure that the Bowler gets Benefit of both BM and BV.......some might say that this Table is a Bit Heavy on the BV side but again its a Personal Opinion. BM and BV should be Trained Simultanuosly for this ( As and When needed ).

Trainees for BV -   I personally fell rather than buying a Rel/Hop or Rel/Use Guy and Training him in                                       BV Buy some Semi trained Bowlers, like Acc/Use or Rem/Use types as this                                             would ensure that the Bowler is Already high in BM but needs training in BV to                                         become Kickass. While Buying Semi Trained Age Should Not Exceed 20-21yr,

Popups  -  Popups Take Time but they Worth the Wait !!
                    The Time Given Depends on Two Things
                    a) All Trainees Should Get Full ( 100% ) Training every Week
                    b) Age of the Trainees

  Hopless - Useless             -  4 Weeks BV
  Useless - Mediocre            -  6 Weeks BV
  Mediocre - Average            -  7/8 Weeks BV
  Average - Reliable             -  8/9 Weeks BV
  Reliable - Accomplished    -  10/11 Weeks BV 

Popup Info By TD Vikas ( One of the Most Reputed Managers in HW )

What You Really Need To Do To Train BV ??

Below Mentioned Steps are for the ones who want to Train in BV from Start.

No.of Trainees - BV Training allows 10 so One must have atleast 8-10 Trainees with him to make                                        Maximum benefit. One can sell the remaining 3-5 Players for Profit Afterwards.

Aims -  The Main Aim should be to Hit Reliable in BV before 20. For this one must Buy 17yr Rel/Hop or   Avg/Use Trainees. Aiming 8-10 17yr Old guys is an Unrealistic Target for many so Try and buy atleast 5-6 17yr and remaining can be 18yrs old.

Reason If you buy a Rel/Hop 17yr old guy and train him in BV for 3 seasons.....he would be 20yrs Old    and would be Bri/ the Benefit is that he is still young enough to train in BM as BM pops are faster compared to BV.

There Maybe Very Less Forums Dedicated to BV Training, I am Sharing with you Guys Another such Beautiful Post By Aayush Ahuja (hYaDeS).                                 
If time Premits, Even read this Beautiful and Informative Post.

.All are Free to Comment and Discuss there Opinions.

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Updated at: 26-02-2014

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@Sir Yash Puthran Thank you Sir for sharing your experience... :)
92 months ago
92 months ago
@Sir Yash Puthran Pleasure... :)
92 months ago
92 months ago
Sir Rishi Ahuja (Mumbai Rangers)

Yes BM is Faster Than BV, But Then The Above Given Table should Be Followed. A Mixup of BM and BV is Also Good Option. When Needed Train BM and Othertimes Train BV or Vice-Versa
92 months ago


92 months ago
ajmera11 (ajmera) 4 days ago #548   Report Abuse
I am assuming you will give BM for this and next week and thn 9 BV!
                                                last pop up
        age          skills                       BM              BV
1.    19/27    24049 ( acc/med )     22/03           01/03 
I guess he will become Rem/Avg high BV subs- 
2.    18/12    17914 (acc/med)       12/04           05/04
Probably Rem/Avg, low/mid bv subs
3.    18/34    21721 (acc/use)        29/03           NA
As I dunno his BV subs- I cant say for sure- but close to Rem/Avg
4.    18/36    19900 (acc/use)       12/04            NA
As I dunno his BV subs- I cant say for sure- but close to Rem/Avg
5.    18/04     25948 (rem/use)      05/04            NA
As I dunno his BV subs- I cant say for sure- but close to Bril/Avg 
6.    18/39     23174 (bri/use)        12/04           29/03
Again- Exe/Med but high BV subs!

Now i decided to train for BV till end of next season so i bought few players 
7.   17/35 rel/use 15184 (seam bowler)
Acc/Med high bv 
8.   17/56 acc/use 16614 (seam bowler)
Rem/Med high Bv  or Rem/Avg Low Bv
9.   18/59 acc/hop 17316 (spinner)
Rem/Med most probably (Low bv subs)
i will be buying another 17/18 yr spinner (rel/use  acc/hop or acc/use) till next thursday 
10th one- can only comment based on skills

91 months ago
ajmera11 (ajmera) Navi mumbai # 574
thanks Sir Priyansh (The Special One) 
till when should i train for my bowlers to be rel in BV 

will their be only one BM popup in entire season training???

91 months ago
91 months ago
Yash Puthran (Mumbai Masters)-BRO..this is my first i am giving bowling seam trainning for 3 weaks and still continuing ,at what stage i should switch to bowling variation trainning??????????????

91 months ago
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