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The Achievements Category Managers!!

by Abhishek Kaushal (The Northern Thunder) 65 months ago Fun
 Hello everyone here...
   I would like to present you a small glimpse of achievements category           managers...  
                          GOING BACK INTO THOSE DAYS!!

Achievements category !!!
Wow! What days that were!
Boosting MRP in just a few seconds...
when there were points for likes in that category..
And some people had just gone mad about that..
Here's a short story which describe those MRP crazy people!!
Hope you enjoy!!!

Yipee!! Today I played Hitwicket. Feeling very happy.... 

Oh! Congrats bro.. You really did a great job. Keep it up....

Yipee!! Today my batsman scored 2 runs. Feeling very happy...

                 Oh! Unbelievable work bro. Don't know how you did that.. Congrats and keep it up...                                                             

Yipee!! Today my bowler bowled 7 balls. That is my lucky number..


Wow! What a fantastic work. Congrats...


Now some serious issues. The forum maker gets spammed due to some reason..

WTF?? I got spammed. Why? What I did? Devs reply reply reply.....

Oh! Brilliant work from you. May you do these things in the future also...


And now some complaints regarding Hitwicket..

My 5 star batsman got out from a 2 star bowler. What the bu**sh**..

Wow! Superb work. Congratulations....


My scout brought me a waste player today. And it is same since one month. I will kill all of you. Give me a good player...

Wow! Really happy on your achievement. Congrats bro....


I relegated to division 7. What the f*c*. This is the worst game I have ever played..


I don't know how you do such type of things.. Keep it up... 

And now some ultraserious issues :P

Mwaaaee mwaaee!! My team got deactivated...


Wow!! Superb work.. Really happy on your achievement. Bless me lord so that I can also do these things like him..


I will kill you!! You damn bu**sh*t. 

            Congrats!   Congrats!    Congrats!      Congrats!                                                                                                    

Hope you ENJOYED it...
PS - This post is meant just for fun. It is not meant to disrespect anyone. If it had hURT someone's feelings, I am extremely sorry for that..

Abhishek Kaushal

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Ravi Kumar Coimbatore # 41
nice 1
65 months ago
Great Work! :D
65 months ago
Thanks guys...
65 months ago
awesome dude!! still laughing at it :D
65 months ago
65 months ago
Aáyán Kháń Srinagar # 46
Awesome ....... :-D
65 months ago
65 months ago
HBK Bangalore # 48
Haha! Grt work man. Enjoyed a lot
65 months ago
65 months ago
Mr. X Chennai # 50
rofl!!! typical comments!!! great job! ;)
64 months ago
64 months ago
Mr. X Chennai # 52
haha... :)
64 months ago
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