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Not Fair!?!

by Alankruta (Pune Warriors) 97 months ago
So my last match.. Last three balls i scored no runs and lost the match by 1 run! My top batsman was batting! ...

 Its was like Sachin not scoring a single run in the last three balls! =|, and the team needed 1 God damn run to win!!!  who cares if the bowler was Lee! Sachin would have tried to run!!! not just stand!!!! 

Am hurt ='( 


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Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 21
Players arnd the 21-25yr old range who are around Accomplished in skills, need to be the core of any team. But the problem is there is a shortage of such players. These players will be created once teams roll out their first batch of trained players. 
It'l take another half season I guess before that happens. Once these players are in the market, teams will rather bid on them than more expensive 17-18yr olds of similar skills.

The market is unstable now, but gradually tending towards the way we want them, so want to put off any major change on that front.
97 months ago
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