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Musky competition.

by Harsh Gupta (Dragon Riders) 93 months ago Win Musketeer
I will be giving away two muskys ( 3 months each) 

I want to find out which player (batsmen) has the most runs in hitwicket, and the bowler with the most wickets.

The players have to belong to YOUR TEAM!

Please follow this format for registeration.

Name of the team:- Paste the link of your team.
Most Runs:- link of your player.
Most Wickets:- link of your player.

If the following format is not followed your team and players will fail to register.

the deadline will be saturday 12:00 am .

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Updated at: 27-02-2014

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92 months ago
Thank You sir....
92 months ago
team link - most runs -
92 months ago
every one who are linking their teams and posting their best player's performances : 
The competition is over last saturday : i wish the organizer is a bit more responsible to indicate that in any way . 
Sir Harsh Gupta (Dragon Riders) stop advising people when to frame rules and when not to ..and start doing things responsibly 

92 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 230
Tell you what, I don't think I've ever seen so many entries formatted in such a nice way hehe...

@Harsh: Needless to say we are happy that you are gifting Musk and helping the game, but it's also great to have competitions like these where users are engaged.

ps: Guys, I know everyone was eagerly looking forward to the results, but please remember that sometimes people get unexpectedly busy in real life and there could be delays in responding. No one organises a competition like this and runs away, have faith ;)
92 months ago
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