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New Season Questions

by Inbaraja Pandian (Inbas 11) 99 months ago

After the end of the season.. top team will go to the higher division and bottom teams will go down...

 will there be a shuffle in the teams in the same division??

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Joydeep Nandi (Devils United) Gurgaon # 1
No. I don't think so. No shuffle.
99 months ago
In the previous season, there was an option to swap teams between leagues of the same division ! But we had bots then .. I am not sure of this season end though !! But what every you do, do not end up in league III.15 (no thats not a challenge). 
99 months ago
Joydeep Nandi (Devils United) Gurgaon # 3

I don't know whats this aversion to League III.15! Yeah....Maybe its a strong league! Maybe stronger than League I.1 as well!! So what??

Most of the times experienced users keep saying don't think about promotion.....just try to build a good team for the long term fututre!! So won't getting into League III.15 help that cause?

I mean, get into III.15!! Test yourself against the best guys in the game! Make a strong team! Try to avoid relegation, that's it!! Then, after the season, get swapped to a new league (if the option is there) are ready to survive ib the higher leagues, isn't it??

What say guys??


99 months ago
Yes, but when you go to III.15,  you will keep losing matches. You will lose fans and that means you will lose money, so when you won't have money, it will be very difficult to buy recruits for training and to survive!

Got it? :)
99 months ago
Going to league III.15 would not help that cause if you have a weak and old team to start with ... Half the time, you would be trying to avoid relegation and thus affecting your training plans ... But situation might improve the next season as the two big guns are might get promoted .. 

You can always challenge them for a friendly game from this Monday .. if you are in division three choose a easy league where you are free to experiment, train without a fear of relegation and a possible chance for promotion ..  
99 months ago
Joydeep Nandi (Devils United) Gurgaon # 6

Hmmm....point taken!

Anyways I don't have to worry about Div III for some time! It seems I won't be getting promoted to Div III next season.......despite being unbeaten so far! :(

99 months ago
Poisson (GDF Champ) Bangalore # 7
Ask me man! Never go to 3.15 if you have no real reason to go there. My team, in spite of having loads of exemplary and reliable bowler and avg batsman translated to average SI of 5,000+ my team has lost so many matches that my team's are having nightmare.. they just can't wait to go to any 4th Div league and have some quality time..

and I am not complaining because I had different reasons to be in 3.15. So, if you have your batch-mates/friends there then go otherwise you won't be able to do anything apart from losing many of your matches ;)
99 months ago
Poisson (GDF Champ) Bangalore # 8
so if you see all old timer there after season end and option to switch league available then switch.. otherwise just train hard to avoid the inevitable.. ;)
99 months ago
Satyasarthak (Shree) Bangalore # 9
Anyone and everyone is welcome to III.15....come over have will be a random selection as to who gets what.....but you ll have fun for sure if you start participating in the league talks from day one you join....hell all the teams who got promoted still come there and have a chat...thats why its nice to be there and the best in the game...:-)
99 months ago
Satyasarthak (Shree) Bangalore # 10
But there is one thing for ll have a hard time there as to what you do for training and what you do to win...and you ll always have to do both..and most of the occasions you ll get kicked...;-)..yeah the teams are just awesome there and more coming up next season...atleast I Know 2 of them who are desperate to get into that league.... :-)..but if you are successful there..your team ll become like the teams of teutons....malibu....RuckFules...the best and most balanced teams I have seen in the game...!!!!So best of luck....
99 months ago

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