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Happy Birthday Sir Lord Ronak Hellrokr . May God bless you with lots of happiness, joy, success, peace and power to write such long forum post. Aur haan, ghar pe aake party de ja!! :D
95 months ago

My 24th and 1st Birthday!! An Awesome Journey with Some Awesome Friends!!

by Lord Ronak Hellrokr (YouR SouL Iz MinE) 95 months ago Editor's Pick
My 1st Year Completion in Hitwicket Co-incidentally My Birthday in Real Life too! 20th Feb!

I would like to write my feelings about the game and also some of my best and the worst memories during this one whole year journey!

As i mentioned earlier that my 1st anniversary of Hitwicket is almost knocking on the doors and  i feel proud in saying that this game is one of the finest games I have ever played. Trust me i have played hell lots of Game as i was a professional gamer for more then 3 years.

I was invited by one of my very good friends back on 20th Feb 2013. My mentor Kanishk Patel was also new in this game at that time and honestly we had no idea on how to progress and what shall be our course of action.

He then invited few more friends and the journey started from League VI.139 where we were 6 7 real life frnz and all that mattered to us was win or loss against each other. None of us cared much about training or scout or form/fitness :)

Eventually my gaming instincts and attitude took over me and i started reading forums and got an idea on how to progress in the game and also got a chance to be a part of the 1st ever Hitwicket Meet up in Mumbai.

Won the contest organised by Romil and Vivek which was to write something awesome about hitwicket.

Where i made some awesome friends like Varun Sikka, Romil Shukla , Vivek Chandra, Dev Ashish

I took onto bowling training and replaced all the aged players of my team and got 5 fairly young lads with not so super skills!

Took part in 2nd U-20 and Reached the top 16 because of my bowlers.

"Training is the only way to succeed in Hitwicket. Luck is a key factor in deciding the levels of success but no pain no gain my Friends"

Then came the Official Announcement of India Cup which looked like an awesome new addition to already great looking game and i was really awed with the concept of leading your state and getting it to ultimate glory of Hitwicket World. Competing against the best in business with the best talents at their disposal.

I decided to take part in the Gujarat Region Election which is my home state as i stayed there for 22 years! and i won the elections by 2 votes against Tanmay who is currently the Head Coach of Gujarat.

India Cup Journey was not the best but it definitely gave things which will last with me for my whole hitwicket journey.

During the Course of India Cup i made a really great friend in form of Priyansh Modi who happened to be my Asst. Coach

Meanwhile i got promoted from Vth Division to IVth Division and We decided that we would have an all mumbaikar league in season 8 and We had a fabulous league IV.30 which was the strongest league in that season in DIV.4 . Strongest overall , strongest bowling and strongest batting league!! Thanks to Gaurav Agarwal , Harish , Dev , Romil , Aamir.

Also i decided that i would start writing the match analysis and i must say that those write up got much attention and love of most of the active users which has motivated me to write them even in the 2nd edition.

Then came the time of 2nd Hitwicket Meet up which was a much bigger affair then the last one as we had Kashyap attending the meet and many new faces who could not make it to the 1st meet up. Still remember the Awesome Interview Which Vivek took of mine romil and Ankur Sikka live at the google Hangouts in front of many other hitwicket Users.

I got to meet Harish Gopal , Ankur Sikka and many other people in this meet too who are now in my regular touch in our watsapp group :)

India Cup II edition Announcement was made 2 months back and Romil had decided to step down as Head Coach of Maharashtra so with the full support of our HW - Mumbai Group i decided to run as the candidate and by their support and votes i was elected as the HC of Maharashtra for this Edition of India Cup!
Joydeep Nandi and Harish Gopal

The Team is doing well so far winning its first two games.

My Best Moments in past one year in Hitwicket

- Elected as Head Coach of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

- Winning against Mizoram Mutton Chops 

Yes Bitches i was the 1st Team to Defeat Mighty Mizos after the Exhibition Match Feature was Launced.

- Most Loved Forums Post from me

and many others!

- From a Non - Existent Manager to a Magical One!!

-Got to make many many good friends

Some people i would like to mention whom i respect a lot and love to have a chat with them . Thanks to hitwicket i got in touch with these people.

Aayush Ahuja , TD Vikas , Subhabrata Chakraborty , Tushar Jain , Dani Justin , SatyaSarthak , Anil Sheron , Murtaza Alvi , Scotch ( sorry bro dunno ur real Name ) and many more ...

Really sorry if i missed someone's name that doesnt mean you are less of a friend to me :)

A Special Mention to my invitee Raj Patel who is one of my closest friend dunno how many hours we talk on phone just cause of Hitwicket :P :P

Apart from all these i would like to say a few words to the Devs - Saurabh , Rajat Kashyap and Rishav.

The Game is going to be the Next Big Thing in Browser Games History and being in such Able Hands the community is confident that there are many more big and awesome things are going to happen soon.

You guys are doing some amazing work considering the amount of work we users give on your hand - cheating cases , TRC work , Forum trash talks and god knows what not . from endless bug reports to mindless ME problems you guys face it all with 100 % calmness and composure.

Hoping that we cross the 50,000 users barrier this season !!

Cheers , Bravo , Kudos to all four of you one more time :) :)

Would like to end the long story by three simple words

Hitwicket - Love You <3 <3

YoUr SoUl Iz MinE


~Ronak Hellrokr

P.S. - My Birthday and 1st Anniversary of Hitwicket is on 20th Feb but i was not going to get the time to write this so i am posting it today :P

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Happppppyyyyy Birthdayyyy Ronak Bhai :D :-) 

Well Written again :p 

Aansu aa gaye padhte padhte :'(
95 months ago
Saizone # 83
95 months ago
Alvi bhaijaan thanks a lot..
95 months ago
Many Happy Returns of the Day !!

Honoured to see my name in the Pin post !! :)

95 months ago
Happy Birthday Sir Lord Ronak Hellrokr . May God bless you with lots of happiness, joy, success, peace and power to write such long forum post. Aur haan, ghar pe aake party de ja!! :D
95 months ago
Sir HindiMoguls (Hindi Moguls) 2 minutes ago - Lets plan something next month nd meet ::)
95 months ago
Sir Lord Ronak Hellrokr - Looks like we cud have Mumbai MeetUp 3.0 in March. High chances Kashyap would be joining too. We'll discuss in detail on Group Chat!! :)
95 months ago
95 months ago
Raj Patel (KINNG XI) Ahmedabad # 90
@rokr - where's my musky which u promised to give on bday :P
95 months ago
Bhai mera Musky bi end ho raha hai 3 days mein :(
95 months ago
Raj Patel (KINNG XI) Ahmedabad # 92
thats none of my business :P
95 months ago
PRUTHVIRAJ64 Hyderabad # 93
Happy Birthday Sir Lord Ronak Hellrokr . May God bless you with lots of happiness, joy, success, peace. thank u sir.
95 months ago
95 months ago
Plz write one such post for me too on saturday ..will complete 1 year too :p
95 months ago
May God bless you with lots of happiness, joy, success, peace. thank u sir. 

95 months ago
NONAMENEEDEED (Avengerss) guwahati # 97
Happy Birthay Ronak bhai ;)
95 months ago
Thanks thanks a lot dosto!!
95 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 99
Congrats Ronak, you've made a special contribution to the Hitwicket community in several ways over the last year. Great to have you! :)
95 months ago
Kashyap thanks mate.. hoping to do the same in coming many years!! Hoping that tis bond grows stronger as day passes!!
95 months ago
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