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The Show Down - Part 6

by IndianMourinho (The Match Engine) 93 months ago Editor's Pick

Given below is the press release of my team:P

The Show down is back, exclusively for the viewers of TheSpecialArcs

Alagappan Vijayakumar, Editor-in-Chief of 'TheSpecialArcs' - official TV channel of 'TheSpecialOne' - with Indian Mourinho, the manager of 'TheSpecialOne'.

What have you got to say about the new changes being announced through the Governing Council's Youtube channel?
Well, I just got to know that pacers dont get any boost in crumbling wickets and spinners dont get any boost in green wickets. That should pretty much explain it. Neither was it announced through the channel nor was it made prominent.You cant expect me to check the Game Manual anymore.

And about the concept of all-rounders and wicket-keepers getting more importance?
I guess that falls under tactics. You should know the reply by now. 

Yes, you would not reveal. By the way, how do you manage to refrain from commenting on the tactical decisions that you are making? Knowing you, you would love to flaunt your genius?
I tell to myself that I need to win. That solves the temptations.

I take that you are tempted to do so then. So, can we ever expect you to explain yourself to the world?
Yes! When I leave the job, I will reveal the secrets. It will serve as my legacy. I hope that will be of help to the managers and will revolutionise the game.

I see that you would be revealing, more as a nuisance to the ones who would be playing the game by then than as a helping guide to the newbies. 
Whichever way, it should be helpful to the managers. And, yes, pissing off a good number of experienced managers by letting the secrets out gives me immense joy, infact.

So, When do you leave then?
After kicking Mizoram Muttonchops' butt or whatever stands in our way.

For all the talk, you lost your first ever bilateral series vs. 'Beyond the Wall'when you were up against a manager of real worth? 
I was not required to take any risks. He needed to and he did, rightly so. I dont really see any other way, a better way, that I could have played.  Match Engine decides on such occasions. It favoured a 3-2 result in his favour. I am still upset about it, but no complaints. That was the best learning curve in Hitwicket -  up against someone who had the capacity to out-think you - which is what is of utmost importance. Such stuffs happen. Overall, we have a better record against Beyond the Wall.

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Salute Genius
I Will Wait For Your Official Public Tactics Revealing
By The Way
The Greatest Thing About The Interview Is All The People There (Interviewer, Cameraman, Director of the show, crew etc) Are --- IndianMourinho
93 months ago

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