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My Team is acting like team India

by yashschaturvedi 99 months ago
Developers, please help me out. Being on the verge of winning a match, and sudden wickets falling like a pack of cards. I have an experience team too, dunno what is happening. And also I cant see this thing happening with any other team.

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damn tell me about it ! i lost my first match today ! my top 3 batsman out in the first over ! :( "like a pack of cards"
99 months ago
i thnk u didn't setting line up correctly... the bowlling orderĀ  should be great when u bowl to the opponent.. bcoz the opponent scored 230 for 120 balls... set the rite line up...:)
99 months ago
99 months ago
yashschaturvedi Mumbai # 4
^^ as per best of my knowledge, I am doing it right. Some logical things can't be questioned as you might not know what the algorithm might do. Anyways, There goes one more SUNDAY. :P
99 months ago
Symphony (Bitter sweet) Hyderabad # 5
@awe wait for it some

I know that feel bro
99 months ago

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