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no match in my stadium this week

by Himanshu Mittal 109 months ago
There has to be match in a week in my stadium...
But there isn't..
this has to be resolved

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Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 1
hmmm the schedule is made at the start of the season. There can be a week where u play 2 matches and another where you play none...
Only thing thats fixed is no. of home games per full season = 9
109 months ago
Himanshu Mittal # 2
 but i hadn't experienced that thing till now!!

109 months ago
Bro...I had already faced that. 
109 months ago
Himanshu Mittal # 4
ya ashank..... a week without a match in the stadium makes u in financially week!! 
109 months ago
Shashank (ShKa) Hyderabad # 5
thats the whole point. to spend funds strategically. you may play 2 matches in your home stadium in a row in some week. thats going to even out. you play 18 games. 9 home and 9 away.
109 months ago

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