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Urgent Help..

by Vaishakh V (Big Bang Beasts) 104 months ago
I Just Bought A player now... and i cant find him on my players list... Is it possible to change the line up right now? my match is at 19.00 and its 18.15 now..

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Sachin Khandelwal Sikar # 1
u will get the player after 1-2 minutes.....dont take tension....
104 months ago
saurabh7705 (Dark Knights) Hyderabad # 2
Nope you can't...sorry...your lineup needs to be set till 6 pm strictly.. ;)

You can see now..that your match is in progress ;)
104 months ago
Sachin Khandelwal Sikar # 3
hey ...i just set my frends linup....
104 months ago
Poisson (GDF Champ) Bangalore # 4
because you are in division 3.. for division 1,2,3 line up can be set till 6:30 while for Division 4 line up need to be set before 6 pm.
104 months ago
saurabh7705 (Dark Knights) Hyderabad # 5
From division 4th and beyond that...time to set lineup is 6 pm....
And before that i.e. Division 1,2 and 3 ---> it is 6:30 pm
104 months ago
Sachin Khandelwal Sikar # 6
104 months ago
Thanks for the info...
104 months ago
Sachin Khandelwal Sikar # 8
104 months ago
can i add any teams to play against me in the league? or is it done automatically?
104 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 10
it's done automatically, Vaishakh. The match schedule for the league is done at the start of the season itself.

uhhh Sachin, don't log into another team even if it belongs to your friend. Our backend process may automatically fine/ban your teams thinking they are multiple teams of the same user. 
For just this once, if you are fined, let us know, we'l revert it.
104 months ago
Sachin Khandelwal Sikar # 11
he told to do so....he was unable to connect....thats why...
104 months ago

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