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by Vishnu Krishnan (AjArmani) 93 months ago Editor's Pick
I have been playing hitwicket for a month now and I thought I would list down the features I enjoyed the most.Note that this post in from a beginners point of view 



One of the features I enjoyed the most but did not last long.This feature finds 10th spot for the only reason that it does not come free!Scout preference and Transfer guru were my favourites.

                                                         9.CLUB SECRETARY


Tips are required for you as a beginner and many of these come in from your secretary.The weekly reports on team performance tells me what to prep up.So thank you assistant!

                                                        8.INVITE FRIENDS


Points are hard to come by,(especially if both Facebook and Twitter is blocked in your institution :(  ).
Inviting new friends not only made competition in my league interesting but also challenging(Come on,they are better than bots!) with added benefits(MRP's) of course!

                                                              7.U 20 CUP


All newbies like me aspire to play in U20 to bring up at least 5-6 young players.I have not personally played it yet as I joined only after CUP IV started but I am excited about the latest instalment as 4 officail matches a week is even better.



Most of us think this concept is boring and as an advantage only to the owner.But academy matches help a lot when it comes to choosing lineups for league matches.Take it as a platform to experiment.

                                                          5.IC FANTASY LEAGUE

Points are hard to come by,(especially if both Facebook and Twitter is blocked in your institution :(  ).
A nice model similar to the fantasy premier league or IPL matches and it makes all of us a part of the India Cup which otherwise reserved for elites.

                                                               4.GAME MANUAL


The Bible of Hitwicket,the most informative feature for the beginners.The game manual offers you valuable inputs and reference whenever you need it.If you want to be a good manager be sure to memorize it!


Whatever queries you have be sure to find it here.A good way to interact with legendary players and gain inputs.It is the backbone of Hitwicket or a mini google for our queries.

                                                      2.TRANSFER MARKET


The best feature available 24 7!A favourite amongst almost all players.Bidding ,buying ans selling.Fortunes can change within minutes here.

                                                   1.SCOUT YOUTH PLAYER


When every Monday comes our spine chills in anticipation.You could find a hero or a nobody.Even though
 it lasts only for seconds the gods of fortune could turn things around.............And we all know luck is a very important aspect as well in this game!

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Manikandan Swaminath Tiruchirappalli, India # 61
How to improve my chances of getting a good player in scouts???
92 months ago
92 months ago
Nice Post....
92 months ago
@Manikandan Swaminath Become an accomplished manager or more,go to a country that has less managers and decent ICC rankings.Your chances of finding a good scout will improve.
Also if you are a musketeer, you can select the type of player you want in your squad.
92 months ago
superb bro
92 months ago
92 months ago
92 months ago
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