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Koffee With Dani (Ep-2)

by DJ (THE RISING WARRIORS) 103 months ago Fun
                                        Hi Guys It's dani Welcoming you all to Another Episode Of Koffee with Dani,

                                Our guest today is the most respected,active and Helpful Manager of Hitwicket ;)
None other than our Moidi ji- Priyansh Modi :D

First of all thanks for accepting my invitation bro and welcome to the show,

Ha..Ha.. Glad to be here- Was excited about it!


Round -1 Questions Regarding Hitwicket:-
Do u think your over-confidence was the result of you losing the india cup election?

Not really... In fact in my group- I had kept on saying that It will be damn close- because Tanmay had lost in India cup 1 by just 2 votes- and that after other two major candidates got together!! He has good number of Friends in Gujarat!

Plus Tanmay is a higher division manager- so was expecting some new managers to vote for him based on Division.. But yeah- was still expecting a win- guess was surprised there..

well everyone in Hw surprised by that result,

Top 5 credible managers who are head coach in india cup according to you. and who will you think will win the india cup apart from tripura?

Credible- Most Respected- in no Particular order:
1. Asharbh
2. Shree
3. Sayak
4. Maximus
5. Td

Though Ronak might give some of them a run for their money!

And who will win? Call me Crazy- but I dont expect it to be UP this time or even Karnataka- I actually expect Maharashtra to win if the form updates are in their favour!

3.Whats the reason behind ur hatred for SSMP ?

Modi:As for Hatred for SSMP- People will be surprised to know he was one of my first frnds in HW! I dont hate him..I just call him on his bullshit if I feel he's wrong.. But other frnds - Trollers and Whatsapp group dont feel bad if I say something against them- SSMP feels bad- and well- the fight started! Still dont hate him.

4.We all were pretty shocked with the gujarat elections results for HC post. but we hope u r standing in the next season again?

Modi:Not sure.. To be honest- Being AC itself is a big ask- and I will be very frank- would feel really bad if lose next time again.. Plus not sure if I will be able to give enough time.. But will decide thn- still 3-4 months away I guess

5.We all know ur 1 of those active managers in HW and u almost interact with devs regularly and we most of them know many teams have their multi’s… Do u have something to say about them?

Modi:Well- Had sent a Long long mail to Devs about one of the most senior manager's Multis- and how I was frustrated about it (No- Not SSPM)!

But I also realized that they can only do so much.. In the end, they can only go on Proofs.. Tough to nail all managers..

While it is depressing thought for some of us- in the end- it feels much better to strengthen your team ON YOUR OWN WITHOUT ANY CHEATING!

6.Since the day u started trolling in the forum..U got trolled by few of ur frnds very badly…how does it feel getting trolled when u thought u were king??

Modi:Love it..:p  Believe me- most of the Trollers know that things are just fun..:p  If we are ever unsure about something- think we are crossing a line- we ask the permission.. ANd most of us have good sense of humour to go along with it.. Case in Point- that Blunder I committed in Chat yesterday which Bagde posted in FB Group!

7.The most important question…..Evrybody Starts Hating ME when they loose matches they shud have won.. And all this strategy is done by devs…

So the question is….Which dev u hate the most and love the most..Please don’t b diplomatic need a straight ans 111

Modi:Ok- This one is a tough one..:p  I guess I have interacted Most with Kashyap- so Hate and Love both would be him..:p

8.We know they are very few women playing HW and have never seen u being so famous in them…Ur frnds like varun Nandode are pretty famous and having good time with them?? What can u say about this ladies fan following…?

Modi: As for Varun- he was always a Ladies man! Plus- just know couple of Girls playing HW- and always think they might be too young..

9.Who is female Manger whom you think of all the time?

Modi:I dont think about any Female manager all time! Infact, know only Sneha- Dangerous Divas- and Killer Dollies- dont even know Killer Dollies's real name!  :p

10.And when will the cold war between u and beast will end ?

Modi:No idea- I tried being nice once- and next day- he started another fight in my LT thinking I am copying him and that because he defeated MM- he's better! :p

11.Who do you think would win the premier league two seasons from now? Bowling power house or batting powerhouse?

Modi:Batting Powerhouse.. Even this season- Kashyap was in a good position..

I always have maintained the stance- because of availability of so many good bowlers in market- a Batting team has a good chance to strengthen its bowling and win the league! :D

12.How long do you think MM can sustain a spot in the top premier league?

Modi:If same skill- Next season there will be a new champion- even this season, possible.. But if Devs increase their skills again- thn tough to say!!!


Round-2 Personal Questions :-

1.PM you can write so long posts in the hw forum as well as in the fb group. Why don't you write a book????


I do hope to write a book in Future one day- Nothing concrete yet- but I hope there's some topic for which I will be as crazy and passionate as HW- and so will write that book..

The main problem I guess is I am lazy! So if I dunno where I am going- will not even start!

2.Who is your inspiration behind your patience??? You can tell us the secret.... ?

Modi:In Hitwicket? The New Managers! Sometimes the questions they ask are so crazy, that unless you are patient enough- You will just get frustrated!! Also- Some senior managers did helped me when I was a new Manager too- Especially remember Asharbh replying me few times at that time- so, I guess just want to continue the trend!!

As for Real Life- I am very very impatient! But I love my debates- hence keep answering ;)

cool never expected that long ;)

Modi:My answers will never be one liners- whats d fun in that?

3.If given an opportunity will u quit ur current job and work with hitwicket knowing u will be paid less ?

Modi:No.. I am Greedy in real life! + :p

I work in Alcohol Company- which organizes Fashion shows! Do I need to say more?:p

No i guess :p

4.When was the last time you did something stupid ?

Modi:I guess yesterday! Mistakenly was talking about all that is wrong with the company and how senior managers are stupid with a collegue without realizing boss was standing close by! !

5.Which was the Most awkward Moment you ever had till now ?

Modi:This one is easy- as I remember clearly.. Going on a Tution Picnic- Playing Dumb Charades in the bus, Sitting next to the Girl you have HUGE Crush on- and when things were being fun- one of the frnds suggested to give a Naughty movie- telling my crush in her ear- "Rupa Ki Jawani" (Or something like that- Forgot the name)- as the movie!!

When she kept staring at me like o.O

I realized What I Did! :p

I dont think anything will ever top this :p :p

6.If you were a Genie and a person asked you this wish " I wish you would not grant me this wish " What would you do ?

Modi:I will tell that person- You are crazy-and HIGH! -_-

And send him to Vamshi- He wont even will be in position to argue next time we meet!!

7.When you become a pokemone Trainer which pokemon will you choose as a starter ? Squitle , Charmander or Bulbasaur ? :p

Modi:Charmander..  :p

8.Why are u so active in Groups and HW..?? You turned 28 this year and why aren’t You getting married yet?? Few say ur very interested in guys than girlzz !!! Is that the reason ur so active in HW and Fb groups …. ??

Modi:LOL!- 28? DAFAQ! :o  Who said that! :p

I just turned 25 in November! ;)

And I am definitely interested in Girls.. But wen bored at home- HW is a good timepass and Trollers Gang- where we discuss even studies, JOb, football, etc- is Fun! The thing is- I am online mostly- even in office- so if get a notification- answer! :p


Round-3 Describe in one line about the following managers ;)

1.paleti mouli.


3.neo the nemesis

4.The trollers group

(i) varun

(ii) vamshi

(iii) vamsi

(iv) bagde

(v) vikas

(vi) arijit

(vii) seriwaza


Paleti Mouli- Helpful yet stubborn

Beast- Unpredictable and crazy

Neo the nemesis- Unlucky and Greedy! (Sorry Neo)

Trollers Group as a Whole or Individually?

Dani:say individually and whole ;)


Ok! Trollers Group- Rocks.. Crazy, Fully entertaining and spend Highest time there in the FB Chat with them!

Individually: Varun- College Friend- So Know him more than others- Loves his PJs, Likes to help (Most after Arijit in the Group) and is has amazing sense of Humour!

Saurabh Bagde- My Multi.. Chelsea Fan, Loves to annoy Td and often say the same thing- what else can I describe him as?

Vamsi- Crazy about his Bowlers- Obsessed with his Red Stars!

Arijit- One of the best manager I know- Super helpful, damn knowledgeable about the Group and Always Active- more than any other guy I have seen!

Serizawa- Still owe him that Kingfisher calendar- is absent from group for weeks but when in mood- can give me or Saurabh a run for money in Trolling

Td- I dont know what he is more obsessed with- His Bowlers or his Finances! A United Fan- so we know he has many flaws! But definitely a guy who's sporting and can take jokes.. Dont think anyone else would have been able to take jokes on him so sportingly! Kudos mate!

Ok- I know exactly not one liner- but c'mon- know them so well- tough to be too short! :p

Dani:That's modi special;)

Ok that's the end of the show bro, once again thanks for joining ;)

Modi:No worries.. Believe me, it was my pleasure! Loved answering those good, nice and some crazy questions! !

Hope u all Enjoyed the show , It's Dani signing off from another Long,Interesting Show , Will see u all soon with another guest ;)


                                   Questions by


                                        Saurabh bagde

                                           Td vikas



                                       Major ms Dhoni

                                             Bala ji


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MehMeh DUBAI # 81
Saaley modi..u said u love me beech mein kashyap kaha se aagay ...chut  :P
103 months ago
pani with dani would have been a better title i guess :P 
102 months ago
hehe thanks for the suggestion ;) :p
102 months ago
102 months ago
MehMeh DUBAI # 85
Sir Dani Justin (THE RISING WARRIORS) can i take ur interview ...only sample :P
102 months ago
awesome answers PM ...nice  way to go .. 
102 months ago
Sir Vamshi   nope o.O o.O
102 months ago
MehMeh DUBAI # 88


here u go 1st question :P

When most of the indians are either fat,, normal or very thin we rarely find sum1 with good figure :P ...whats the reason behind ur body building ?? do u want to become wrestler or want to stand nude in front of girls and attract all of them ??? :P

102 months ago
Before it goes more nasty i have to close this thread -_- :p
102 months ago
MehMeh DUBAI # 90

2nd question..

why do u organize so many tournaments and gift musketeer with help of other managers?? do u guys have so much money or u have any secret crush on any of the dev where u trying to propose them indirectly thru finances :P 
102 months ago
dani,dani,dani.....u beauty man..... :)
102 months ago
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