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how the player's form get improved. In the manual it is suggested that non playing players loose form, but they are actually losing even after playing each and every match

by Archit Jain 96 months ago


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JAITRA (Emblazons) Hyderabad # 1
it basically depends on ur players age as older players loose their form and fitness levels fast as compared to younger ones
96 months ago
sid6376 Pune # 2
You need to play him at least once in a week. After that its out of your control and whether his form goes up or down is determined by probability.
96 months ago
Archit Jain Bangalore # 3
so does that means older players  will always remain in bad form...because one of my player is not gaining even decent form since long time
96 months ago
sid6376 Pune # 4
For form, I dont think it matters if he is old or not.  It only matters for fitness. He will regain his form soon. Dont worry.
96 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 5
guys, age has no impact on form. wat sid said above is correct...just keep playing him and hope for the best.
96 months ago

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