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How to Train Your Bowlers!

by VarunNandode (Varun Nandode 2) 93 months ago TipsNewbie
Hi Guys,
Well- This is another LONG POST I guess- About Bowling Training- Major Methods (Other combinations are possible but these are 4 BEST Ones)!

Now- After interactions with Various managers- I know there are many many Managers who are confused about Bowling Main Training- Even people who are in Div 3-Div 4- And yeah- it was surprising for me!!

So- I thought- why not I just put a Thread about the Best Methods- What's Good, What's Bad- What to do and How in Single Page?

And Here it is!

REMEMBER- It is only BM Training I am discussing! And These are purely my suggestions- You are free to disagree!

P.S.- For Calculating Percentage Training your Bowler will recieve- 
= (X/Y)*300%
Where X = No. of Overs bowled by that Bowler
Y= No. of Total Overs bowled by All such Bowlers (Total SPin or Seam overs- whatever you are training in)

This is PER MATCH! For Week- Add for both Matches of the Week!


Traditional- 3/2

Soul Collector’s 6/0

Experienced Focus 6/1

Straight forward 5/0

How to Train?

Trainee A,B,C bowling 12 overs in Match 1 and Trainee D,E,F Bowling 12 overs in Match 2- Rest 8 overs bowled by opposite type bowler

Trainee A,B,C,D,E,F Bowling 4,4,3,3,3,3 Overs in Match 1 and Trainees A,B,C,D,E,F bowling 3,3,4,4,4,2 overs in Match 2

Trainees- A,B,C,D,E,F bowling 3 overs each in Match 1 and in Match 2- and rest 2 overs to be bowled by Opposite type Bowler/Part timer

Trainees A,B,C,D,E bowling 4 overs each- in both matches

What You Get?

6 Trainees with 100% Training

5 Trainees with 100% training and Trainee F with  around 75% training

6 Trainees with 100% training

5 Trainees with 100% Training

What You Need to Invest in?

2 Good opposite Type bowlers

Nothing Much- An Advantage

Batting All rounder with opposite type Bowling

Nothing- That’s The Advantage here

Key Benefits (Just my Suggestion- Could differ from case to case basis)

Fitness- Huge savings in Fitness
And Balanced Attack-

6 Bowlers for Training- Hence extra Trainee to Sell and Earn Money later
Double Experience

6 Bowlers with FULL Training- so 6 Kick ass Bowlers- MORE MONEY
+ Double Experience

Not much Risk- Can play with 6 Batsman- And don’t need to invest anything Extra + Double Experience- Better Bowling attack overall in few seasons

Major Drawbacks

Experience Loss- Only Half Experience compared to Others
+ 8 Overs by other Bowlers are mostly weaker

5 Batsman- Shorter Batting- resulting in more chances of losses
Also 6th Trainee reaching only 75% of his Potential at any age- Waste of Training

5 Batsman- Shorter Batting- Higher Chances of Loss + 2 Very weak overs- HIGH chance of getting thrashed in these overs

Training only 5 trainees instead of 6- there by loss of potential Income which other teams with 6 trainees can earn

Who Should go for it?

SEAM TRAINEES- Half Matches mean significantly Less Fitness Loss for them

SPIN TRAINEES in Competitive Leagues where 2 weak overs might make the difference in the season
Also those who have 5 trainees and 1 Young Batsman Can go for this to create that ALL ROUNDER

SPIN TRAINEES who are in relatively easier League- or who have super strong Bowling that those 2 overs won’t make a difference


Pitch Suggestion

Bowling Friendly- As Your 6 Batsman can counter other Bowling- OR
if you are in a League dominated by STRONG Bowling Teams

Sporting or Flat- Hear me out- With most Teams being Bowling Teams- Its better to have Sporting Pitch or Even Flat Pitch to help Your 5 Batsman

Sporting or FLAT- Same logic applies- 5 Batsman- Need some support- which can help your Batsman to score well

Bowling Friendly- Definitely Your Bowling Trainee Friendly Pitch- 5 Spinners- Crumbling, 5 Seamers- Green- No Doubts here!

What Can you Expect

6 Great Trainees- And Less Fitness Training- Though 8 relatively Average overs means some matches could result in a Loss

5 Great Bowler with Great Experience + 1 Decent All Rounder in training- without compromising Batting strength- or 5 Great Bowlers and 1 Good with sacrifice of Batting

6 Great Bowlers with Great Experience But Losses due to those 2 overs and weaker Batting could be highest here

5 Great Bowlers with Great Experience And least chances of unexpected losses- though no option of Earning that Extra Money with sale of 6th Trainee

One Major Manager using the method CURRENTLY (Yeah- Go and Bug them if you want)

Lord Alvi

Soul Collector

Nemesis (shivam)

Red Devils 07


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Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 158
Very good discussion going on here. Please don't spam or go off-topic.
93 months ago
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Ae spinners better than other type and medium the orst kind?
91 months ago
Training spinners for variation will improve their effectiveness...A spinner with less variation will go for runs especially during powerplays !!!
91 months ago
It depends on the nature of the pitch
91 months ago
maybe...but ur players do play an important role...
91 months ago
lokey (WOLVES 11) Thanjavur # 979
thank u very much
91 months ago
your tips are so helpful
91 months ago
mainly our score depends on opposite team experience
91 months ago
spinners will be economical on crumble wicket
91 months ago
Lord Shay B (Dada's Demolishers)

The Problem with giving you Weeks about Pops is- People will start arguing saying they have seen more or they have seen less..

To give you very rough idea:

17 years- 3 weeks for Avg or Rel or Acc pop or even Rem pop 
18 years- 3 weeks for Rel pop and may be Acc pop if early
18 years- 4 weeks for Acc pop and Rem pop and Bril pop
19 years- 4 weeks for Acc pop and Rem pop and Bril pop and exe pop (Even Prod early)
19 years- 5 weeks for bril pop or exe pop or prod pop 
20 years- again 5 weeks for most pop
21 years- 6 weeks for MAg type pops- else 5 weeks for lower ones..

Just rough numbers..

91 months ago
B Chandru Mech (star masters)

17 year- 1 season might do it..
19-20- 1.5 season

30 years- 20 seasons probably!
91 months ago
B Chandru Mech (star masters)

From Average BM of 17 years- yes!
91 months ago
ShayBee Poo Poo # 1027
B Chandru Mech (star masters) In real World, you won't even be able to train till reliable in one season and some players never even improve over number of seasons ;) example - Ishant Sharma, Ashish Nehra etc... you name them :P
91 months ago
even though they have low skill index if they have experience can they perform well?
91 months ago
oh kk...thank u bro,..
91 months ago
i think i am keep on asking u more questions..?
91 months ago
again a big thanks for u bro,..
91 months ago
reply me in future also bro,..hope i will get good clarification from u,...
91 months ago
Loknath Sai (LOKNATH 'lions' 11)- As mentioned, Yes, they will get 100% training..

Lord Shay B (Dada's Demolishers)
Nah- The stars will be between 7 or thereoff, so that was spot on..

The only thing I guess- Second question was meant whether Pops make a major difference in stars, or is it gradual..

And its Gradual.

Lowest Subs of Fan/Rel and Highest sub of Prod/Avg will give same stars nearly if everything else is 100% same.
91 months ago
really awesome.....
91 months ago
ShayBee Poo Poo # 1100

For Calculating Percentage Training your Bowler will recieve- 
= (X/Y)*300%
Where X = No. of Overs bowled by that Bowler
Y= No. of Total Overs bowled by All such Bowlers (Total SPin or Seam overs- whatever you are training in)

This is PER MATCH! For Week- Add for both Matches of the Week!

It looks like your spinners will bowl 12 overs in total. So, YES they will be getting 100% training provided you bowl them minimum of 2 overs per match (that is 4 overs in a week) if the total number of overs bowled by spinners is 12 per match (24 per week). For any other combination, do your calculation from the above formula (also given in original post)...
91 months ago
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