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for new users(stepping stones of success)

by JAITRA (Emblazons) 116 months ago TipsNewbie
Firstly heartly congratulations and welcome to hit-wicket..congratulations for ur new team and wish u good luck..
here are some tips to become a successful manager ..

1.when ur team is new u have some good players and some worst,,in tht situation just try to understand ur team and set up ur team in such a way tht u have a good combination..

2.set up a combination of right and left which un settles the bowler and u can score of him..

3.every monday u can scout for new talent which depends on ur luck..

4.and dont rush to buy players with high skill index at first which will burn ur pocket,,instead try young and lower skill index players and improve them by training them.

5.upgrade ur training which helps players grow their skill index at pace..

6.set ur pitch depending upon ur team bowlers for example if u have spinners then crumbling and for seamers green and combination of both sporting..

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Updated at: 14-06-2016

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JAITRA (Emblazons) Hyderabad # 2
@law35:at first every new user has a sporting wicket u can change ur wicket at the end of the season depending on ur team,,i guess their are 4 matches left in this season..and then u can change it
116 months ago
GreatZeus (Olympians) Hyderabad # 5
I'm ashamed to be your mentor..
116 months ago
GreatZeus (Olympians) Hyderabad # 8
but why? why all of a sudden from blue sky..if you want to be be it, but why not yesterday or day before or anyother day
116 months ago
kartik (killer) Gurgaon # 10
dis is jus a way to increase ur pts nthng else...
116 months ago
Sunny Hyderabad # 15
@veera reddy the advntge due to left right combination is not so big & lasts only for a single ball wen strike changes.we might arrange them alternatively left & right in batng ordr but we nvr know who going to get out nxt :P all we can do is to send a left right opening pair.But the batng order selection shud  depend mostly on the powerplay timing & opposition weak bwlrs :)
116 months ago

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