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The Financials of Stadium Size..

by Satta (Weekend Bawarchi's) 97 months ago
Was just going through the stadium size costs/ benefits analysis and found some interesting facts.
Let's say you begin the season with 6000 seats. Now, you want to increase it by a 100.

For increasing a single seat, you require 1400 bucks, whereas the advantage of that incremental money is only 180 bucks per week.
The break even is after 7 weeks and this will happen only if you are winning all your matches. (In that case, you will be promoted to a higher division and your probability of losing a match increases considerably.)

In between, there is going to be a season break and hence your seats are going to remain empty. (Fans take time to return and fill the stadia) This will further extend your break even time to close to 10 weeks before some profits start pouring in.

And this is going to be if and only if, you are winning all your matches...Smells of corruption...

P.S. All data is based upon the financials of Div IV. 


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