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Recruitment Of Youth Player

by Ashank (Dominators) 96 months ago
Recruitment of youth player only once in a week is not sufficient. We must increase the no. of days of recruiting youth player. By this we can also give more chance to all young legs too.

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Sirji , market is already flooding with players . Just wait and watch on monday .There will be some 13-14 pages on player auction .If recruitment is increased more than a day , then an imbalance will occur .

And 1 more thing , the main concept of the game is to understand how to win and maintain your good performance throughout for all coming season . So getting more youngsters won't serve the purpose here . You have to train whatever youngsters you are already having , anyway a new youngster is added to you team every week.

First thing remember , do upgrade all your facilities . Then start rigorous training all your youth players . If you would be having many youth players . You can get confused whom to train and who not to . So less options makes life much simpler.
96 months ago

ye i will support u harshagupta1998

96 months ago
Div IV
Birju. N. Patel (TITANS) Vadodara # 3
but the prices of some players in auction is way to high, scouting is more feasible if we put finance into consideration 
96 months ago

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