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Can sumone please reply to this!!!
97 months ago

training process

by Nikhil Somani (Dexter's 11) 97 months ago
can someone explain in laymen's terms abt training, im all confused abt it......all training objectives show green for all players, tmrw is Saturday whom should i train, nd also till last Wednesday they were orange now they are green when training has to happen on Saturday??? 

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Can sumone please reply to this!!!
97 months ago
Poisson (GDF Champ) Bangalore # 2
you may like to visit the Training link in Game Manual

I think you are training in Bowling. Orange mostly comes with Bowling Main/Variation Training.

So if you have any other training plan use that else stick to what you have kept. Remember, at the max 3 unique player can be trained in batting, 12 over bowling can be trained and 11 unique player can be fielding trained in any match.

Important point is - If the player quota is full or Green (Batting/bowling) he won't get any extra training for playing again in next match of same training cycle.
97 months ago

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