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Hitwicket these days

by vijaypratap (spurs) 97 months ago

Guys please don't do this,poor teams like mine cant survive

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Satyasarthak (Shree) Bangalore # 17

The problem lies with the newbies...they just want to win and go to league I......thats all.....most of them have not even upgraded there training facilities.....hell I had a bidding war with a guy who was like a month old in the game and was bidding till 2.5M....!!!!where does he get that money from...!!!! I got that amount of money after playing like for 1.5 seasons and winning a lot of matches....!!!!

I like think 4 times before I add seats in to my stadium....the only concern of mine is the money from ticket should take care of my players salaries...which is hitting the sky these days..yeah will be paying more than a million is salaries when the season ends...which is not acceptable by my standards....hopefully that will be taken care off when I sell my my youngsters more than any star players in any of this team in the game....:P

I guess people should realize the fact if you are in a lower league you should not think about bidding 4M on a 3K SI guy.....just spend 20K and get a recruit on Monday train him and make him good....I guess that will ease out the inflation an people quoting unreasonable prices for players will come down...and also there will be a good supply of young blood....!!!

97 months ago

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