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Batsman form/aggression

by Shashank (ShKa) 96 months ago
My team scores at 6-7 runs/ over at an average... however, these runs are mostly scored by running between wickets and not so much with boundaries.

How can I ensure the aggression to score runs remains the same? I've seen a few of my batsmen have slowed down on their scoring towards the End of Innings and have fallen short of their centuries by 10-20 runs... They had roughly 3/4 overs to score that and considering those are considered as Slog overs, it should work (but it hasn't). 

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Shashank (ShKa) Hyderabad # 1
any updates? 
96 months ago
dude, it depends up on three factors
1) ua batsman skill
2) bolers skill
3) type of pitch
96 months ago
Arre, but shashank is right, my 6-7 star batsmen also behave like this sometimes.. I don't have any sehwags and kohlis.. Only Laxmans and dravids :(
96 months ago
Need a new factor like temperament!
96 months ago
see guys i have a bats man of 16000 skilln boler of 21000 skill
unfortunately for last league match which i used my boler i lost it because of boler
n batsman does'nt perform as a batsman at such skill. he plays like a 4000 skill player
then i got to know that it also depends on current form and fitness
96 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 6
batsmen are not designed to slow down during the end of the innings...unless they are chasing at a very low req run rate. The always accelerate based on wickets in hand.

They sometimes appear to score slower because they may have been facing very good bowlers. Teams have a tendency to use their top bowlers at the start and at the end.
96 months ago
But Kashyap, I am talking about the first innings, I want to post a big total like Vagabonds and recently Shree :D
96 months ago
Shashank (ShKa) Hyderabad # 8
So I understand that skills against the opposition matter and thats why I asked.. my 4/5 star batsman against a 2 star bowling attack still yields singles and doubles. and most of my scoring overs are other than powerplays.. 3/5 overs in PP are scored at around 6-7 runs. the other two may (sometimes) go vanishing into the stands.
96 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 9
yeh the difference between ur batsman's skills and the bowler's skill is the core of it. 
Oddball cases do happen because probability is involved in everything. We monitor matches on a regular basis and tweak the formulae if needed. Will keep a lookout for the situation you described.
96 months ago

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