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How to find the team history

by Law35 (IraniBiryaniBoys) 99 months ago

After setting up the team for the first time, I can see my ranking in the leagure on the tope-left. When I go to the league table, i can see my position, it shows the matches played etc. But Since I have set it up newly, i want to know the history of team. How do I get that.
I can see other teams history though.

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History of your team won't be there because you just got a brand new team . Your whole team has just replaced a whole BOT team . That means you are playing with players with no prior experience in hitwicket world .Everything is fresh.
99 months ago
You took over a bot team means you just have taken a bot's spot .That means no players
99 months ago
Just figured out, although I have taken over a BOT team, I can go to Team > See Full Schedule > Show matches under old management just to get a perspective and how do you know it is a complete new team ? Did not read the complete manual but just curious?? Edited - Agree the team is new, expected that the ratings of players were a carry forward.... Seriously it is just a GAME....
99 months ago
Dude one thing i assure you, play it for whole 1 season with your friends actively .Then you will understand it is not just a game.It's like calling "Stairway to heaven" just a song
99 months ago
Rishav (Meerut muskateers) Hyderabad # 5
Thanks Harsh :) .. You just made the Devs day :) 
99 months ago

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