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Manager Reputation Points (MRPs)

by Maximus (The Gladiators) 107 months ago

With due permission from DazedNConfused (Marilize Legajuana) , I am re-posting the same information from his previous post, with some minor corrections and edits.

Gaining Manager Reputation is always the desire of every Manager. Gaining them quickly is some managers’ aim.

Manager Reputation Points:

2.      Inviting & Mentoring – inviting friends to Hitwicket helps you earn 10 points when your invitee jumps one level. We get 30 initially because they jump 3 levels for finishing the tutorial

3.      Stadium Upgrade – 1 point for every 10,000 spent

4.      Recruiting Youth – 20 points (even if the player is seen and rejected)

Tip: Just see the player every Monday and get the points. Signing him or not is secondary

5.      Game Manual Feedback – 5 points for each page (as of now, we have 11 pages, so 55 points)

6.      Continuous Login – 30 points for logging in daily for 15 days

7.      Match Win – 20 points per match

8.      Manager Feedback – When a Manager gets to a new level, a pop-up box appears and asks for feedback. It is worth 50 points.

9.      Buying Players – 1 point for every 100,000 spent

10. Winning the League – 150 points

11. Training Facilities Upgrade – 100 points for each level, bonus 100 for upgrading all 4.

12. Connect Hitwicket to FB – 500 points

13. Connect to Twitter – 50 points

14. Getting Likes for Forum Posts

a.       First 100 – 4 points (8 likes per day)

b.       Next 100 – 3 points (11 likes per day)

c.       Next 100 – 2 points (16 likes per day)

d.       Then on – 1 point (Around 32/33 per day)

Remember: You would be penalized for posting requests for likes

Tip: Read Game Manual, understand the game properly and help the new Managers understand it by posting replies in Forum. Quality content would always be appreciated.

15. Complete the Tutorial – 3000 points (You already know this by now I'm sure)

16. Pop in Player Skill Level – 10 points (all skills except Fielding)

17. Facebook Invites – 2 points per invites, limit – 10 per day

Condition: The person has not been invited before by you

18. Twitter shares:

1.       First 5 – 10 points

2.       Next 5 – 5 points

3.       Then on – 2 points…

Maximum 2 shares per day…

19. Google+:

10 points for recommending Hitwicket on Google+…

20. Tagging Invitee in League Talk: 4 points for tagging your invitee in his league talk for the first time.


All the very best and keep enjoying Hitwicket…!



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rahulvarma1 Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh # 50
points frm google+ only once....
106 months ago
rahulvarma1 Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh # 51
points for twitter only 2....
106 months ago

Comment #12…

106 months ago


There is no difference in the no. of points you get when someone accepts your invitation.

You get 10 points for each level the manager jumps…

106 months ago

Slight misunderstanding mate… Sorry about that… Well, it is hard to remember what changes were made exactly… I added a number of points… Don’t quite remember now…

106 months ago
Sparky Str Nijam

In the Game Manual mate…

Well, actually, when we started playing the game, the GAME MANUAL had several pages, and at the end of every page, we had the option to give feedback… Just by clicking the tab, we would get 5 points for each page…

Not quite sure how it is right now…

Once you have done it, you would not get it again…

Looking forward to an update from you regarding this...

106 months ago
Sparky Str Nijam

Did you find them…?? Where exactly…?

106 months ago
Johny S Raj

This is the first thing you do after registering on Hitwicket… The tutorial helps you understand the tabs and features on the website…

Without the tutorial, you would not have reached Mediocre level so easily…

106 months ago
Johny S Raj

If you still have some doubt, go to Manager Reputation Points page, and scroll to the bottom, loading previous details… Almost at the end, you will find this…

106 months ago

Mayur Bhalotia

The content is already available in the Game Manual my friend... But the Game Manual is not a place where everything can be put, because if it gets too long, it gets boring for managers...

Hence, the points awarded for each activity is not mentioned in the GM...!!

Above that, most of the managers are too lazy to read the GM... They prefer to get info from the Forum...!!

106 months ago
Srinath G Ram
I am sure the Devs are already aware of this...! They should be considering something about it... Even I will put forward a request and see what reply I get from them...!!
106 months ago
Johny S Raj

You can invite any number of friends… But, the points will be awarded only for 10 invites per day, and also, those invites must not be old ones…

If you invite a person whom you had invited earlier, you wont get any points…

Tip: Send 10 invites only per day… If you send more, you still get points only for 10 invites, and above that, you lose the opportunity to gain points for inviting the person later on, because you had already invited him/her...

No points for Twitter and Gmail invites...

106 months ago
Vivek Sharma

Well, there has been a discussion regarding the same… We will wait and see what the devs do about this…

As of now, the manager reputation is not of much importance because I have seen some people create many multiple teams and gain points… They are much higher on the MRP ladder, although they will be penalized later on, it really doesn’t matter….


This post is basically for those new managers who want to increase their MRP… There will be a stage when they eventually get fed up of it…

106 months ago
A great Post :)
Everything about getting 'points' at one place...should definitely be added to the Manual page for the ease of  new players like me :)
Good Work Maximus (The Gladiators) and DazedNConfused (Marilize Legajuana) :D

105 months ago
Johny S Raj

Thanks a lot guys…! Your appreciation keeps me going…!

105 months ago

When you invite a person and he joins the game, you have to go to his League Talk and just tag him… I hope you know the tagging procedure… When you type “@”, and the first one or two letters of his name, you get a drop down menu and then you just need to select his name from the list…

105 months ago
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