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Fener (Fenerbahce) Visakhapatnam # 130
Good post. Earlier I was little confused with the finance of my team.
94 months ago

Hitwicket Finance Management

by Abhishek Kaushal (The Northern Thunder) 95 months ago

Hi guys .... 


An excellent post was posted by Sir AJRaptor a day before which had the compilation of all the valuable posts of Training , Finance , Line up setting etc . by the experienced managers . This would help a lot to the newbies and even the old managers. Still I am making this post about the finance management to explain this whole thing to the newbies as we can still observe many posts regarding finance management . The post of Sir AJRaptor also contained this part but I will be trying to discuss all the points regarding the finance management . Hope this will help you . 



1.) Weekly Stadium maintenance cost -



The cost of this is Rs.20 per seat . All teams start with a stadium capacity of 4000 which makes to a total of 120000 . As you upgrade your stadium , automatically your weekly stadium maintenance cost will increase . If your team is performing well , you will get good no. of fans every tuesday . Newbies mostly gets more fans whether they perform good or well but only for a short time . As the amount of fans increase , more tickets will be sold at your home match . Once your number of tickets sold is around 5,700 , then only it is recommended that you upgrade your stadium . Upgrade your stadium according to your team's performance . If you think that your team is not performing upto the mark , upgrade your stadium by 200 or 300 seats only and not more , so that if the fans joining rate decreases (they won't leave from a newbie's team) , you don't have to see your seats being empty . And if you think that your team is performing very well and will get good no. of fans continously , upgrade your stadium by 500 - 1000 seats , so that your stadium don't gets housefull . 

2.) Weekly Scout Maintenance cost -


Every newbie have their scout in India . The cost of that is only 10000 . Once you become an accomplished manager , you will be able to send your scout abroad. It is recommended that you should never send your scout abroad . Even if you are not getting good scouts in India , let your scout be in India only , because sending the scout abroad is a huge wastage of money . Rs. 300000 is charged for it . And then also there is no guarantee that you will get a good scout . There are more chances of getting a good scout in India rather than in abroad . Still if you are rich , you can experiment this . 

3.) Player Salaries for the week - 


When a newbie starts playing , he definately has a good player gifted by hitwicket . It can be 1,2,3 or even more . I got a player with more than 13,000 SI and was of age 29 . I also got 2 players with SI around 5000 . Also when a team starts , it gets a full package of waste players . I got 19 players in total when I started . At that time I fired all my players which was of age more than 22 and with SI less than 2000 . I fired 8 players and kept only 11 . I didn't knew that was I doing right or wrong and after some weeks , I realized that I did exactly right . For the few weeks , I kept only 11 players and the performance of all my players was very much good . I had only 12 players when I got promoted to Division 6 . Having a squad depth is good , but for newbies it is never required . There is not much competition in lower divisions , so having only 11,12 or 13 players is fine . Since it is a finance management post , I am not explaining it in brief . You can go to numerous posts posted by highly experienced managers in the category of FAQ , Training , Tips and Newbie to get information about how to set a good team . 



4.) Seats construction at your Stadium - 



It is already explained in the Weekly Stadium Maintenance cost paragraph . Refer to point number 1 . The cost of construction is Rs.1400 per seat . Tip - Time your stadium upgrade such that you don't have to pay the Weekly Stadium Maintenance Cost and the seats are used in the match also . For eg. You pay your stadium maintenance cost on Friday and the matches are on Sunday . As the time taken for construction is 8 days , upgrade your stadium on Friday . So that after 8 days that is Saturday . The construction is completed and the seats are used in your home match and you don't have to pay the maintenance cost too .

5.) Youth signing fee - 


You all know that ''recruiting youth scouts is one of the simplest ways of ensuring the development of the team'' , a line from Game Manual . The cost of signing a youth player in lower divisions that is 7 and 6 ,is low than the cost in the higher divisions . It is upon to your luck that you get good scouts or not . If you get a poor scout ( SI low than 1000 and age more than 19 ) , you can simply reject him after receiving the MRP . And if you get an average or a good scout , you can sign him at a low price and can then sell him to make a profit or you can also take him in your team if he satisfy your needs . Plzz don't sell your youth scout whom you want for need of money . Money will come anytime but a great scout won't come again and again .

6.) Purchase of a new player - 


Now we can't advice you that which player you should buy and which not . It's upon to your needs that how much and what type of players you want . It is just a suggestion that newbies should not buy much players . I mean not more than 3 or 4 . We know that everyone does not get a good team when he starts . But still try to balance and play with that team only which was gifted to you by hitwicket . That team must have contained some good players and bad too . Fire all those bad ones and start playing with the old team only till you have spend some weeks in hitwicket as said earlier . If you have spend some weeks in Hitwicket . Till then you will become a little experienced manager and you will be able to plan that which kind of player you should buy and which not . Remember that '' IF YOU BUY THINGS YOU DON'T NEED , ONE DAY WILL COME WHEN YOU HAVE TO SELL THINGS THAT YOU NEED '' , and it can be seen oftenly in Hitwicket . 

SOME OTHER SMALL MEANS OF EXPENSES ( they don't need any explanation ) -

Transfer Listing Cost - Rs. 5000 

* League Switch - Rs. 50000 ( One tip - It is recommended that you should switch your league on the last day i.e. Thursday . If you want to switch in a league full of competition , then you can switch anytime . But if you want to switch where mostly teams are BOT , then you should wait for Thursday . So that those BOT teams doesn't gets filled with user teams and you don't have to switch again which costs. )

* Renaming your stadium - Rs. 20000


* Ticket Sales -


Rs. 200 per person ( This is the main source of income . Match attendance depends upon the size of fan club of both teams. ) 

* Winning the league match -


This feature will be implemented from Season 10 onwards. You will get the amount of 100k ( 100,000 ) everytime when you will win your league match. But only league match - not others like challenge matches, practice matches etc.

* Sale of your player -                       Chris%20Woakes%20of%20England%20Lions%20

Depends upon how the player is . ( Don't sell your main players because of the team's  financial conditions . For a while , also think of the future . It may harm or it would definately harm your team later on. )

* Sponsor Income -


      Depends on your division . 

  • Division 1 - Rs. 700,000
  • Division 2 - Rs. 550,000
  • Division 3 - Rs. 400,000
  • Division 4 - Rs. 300,000
  • Division 5 - Rs. 250,000
  • Division 6 - Rs. 200,000
  • Division 7 - Rs. 200,000

Prize Money for winning the League -           Congratulation+India+World+Cup+Cricket+2   

       Depends on your division .

  • Division 1 - Rs. 2,000,000
  • Division 2 - Rs. 1,500,000
  • Division 3 - Rs. 1,200,000
  • Division 4 - Rs. 1,000,000
  • Division 5 - Rs. 800,000
  • Division 6 - Rs. 600,000
  • Division 7 - Rs. 600,000

* Prize Money for Individual achievements ( highest wicket taker , highest run scorer etc. ) - Rs. 50000







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Updated at: 22-10-2016

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HBK Bangalore # 122
Hawkeye when i was newbie my first tuesday 7 fans left my club bro. So, that doesnt matter
94 months ago
Sir HawkEye (Dharmshala Rockstars) Ya they don't leave often. I will make a slight change. Thanks

HBK (Night Hawks) thanks bro..
94 months ago
Thanks very nice
94 months ago
Thanks for all your suggestions. Really helpful
94 months ago
thanks for the suggestions
94 months ago
Sanju Singh Pune # 128
I had a question in my mind.........If any one who has experienced this can answere my questions please 


94 months ago
Great post. good info for a newbie like me
94 months ago
Fener (Fenerbahce) Visakhapatnam # 130
Good post. Earlier I was little confused with the finance of my team.
94 months ago
Sanju Singh (pune pumices) Bro Hitwicket has some very advanced features by which they can follow the cheaters. If you are not cheating, then sure they will give you full money. But if the SP is very much high than the RSP, THEN THEY WILL HOLD SOME MONEY FOR 3 DAYS and will release it after 3 days. But if you are caught cheating, they there are numerous ways in which the system can punish you.
94 months ago
i had a player aged 31,he dropped his performance from remarkable to reliable,actually he is a bowler,is this possible to increase his performance in bowling by giving training..
94 months ago
Sachz (Sachz) Mumbai # 133
Very useful tips, thank you
94 months ago
Avi (XAssasinX) Kolkata # 134
94 months ago
Sanju Singh Pune # 135
@abhishek kaushal 
Dont worry I will not cheat......but I had this querry bcos i heard from a lot of users that HW releases only 1.5 times your RSP........
94 months ago

Thank you for the information

94 months ago
smilecheck06 (AP STRICKERS) Bro it is not beneficial to train old players. Your player is reliable and is above 30 age. Suppose that there are 2 players, one's age is below 20 and one is above 30 like yours. If you train both of them. You will get the results like this-

Below 20 player - reliable to accomplished to remarkable -> 2-3-4 weeks

Above 30 player - reliable to accomplished to remarkable -> 7-10 weeks

So now you only decide, training whom is more beneficial...
94 months ago
THIS is a good post . I just go through it . i like the way u presented it. am a newbie .. thanks alot . :)
94 months ago
kansalking Chandigarh # 140
94 months ago
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