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Compilation of Some Newbie FAQs answered by experienced managers...

by Sir AJRaptor (Warriors of Destiny) 104 months ago FAQNewbie
A lot of new managers join Hitwicket each day and have a lot of questions from training to finances to lineup.. Here I'm attempting to answer some of them through posts from managers who tried different tactics...

Note-- Some suggestions are focused only on newbies so some managers might find it not beneficial for themselves but its for newbies only..

A very important point before getting started--- Please read the Game Manual as it will clear most of your doubts. If you still have doubts please check below...

Question- 1- What should I do to improve my team?
Upgrade your Training Facilities as fast as you can. Hitwicket is largely about how you train your players so upgrading your Training Facilities is your foremost need.

Question-2- How can I improve finances or get money to upgrade facilities?
Negative finances are not a major issue, infact they are a help initially as it prevents you from purchasing poor quality players.
Please don't sell of your First Scout or High Skilled Old players, they have been given to help you sustain while you build. You can build your team around them!! So no matter how many times people ask you to sell them-- Just don't do it!!
To understand finances better you can go to this post by Abhishek Kaushal (The Kings Of Punjab).

Question-3- If I don't sell my players how do I get finances?
 To get finances you can follow these steps, they won't help you instantly but will allow you to accumulate enough finances for use when needed-
A- Fire/Sell players whose age is over 23 and skill index is below 8000. Unless that player is a WicketKeeper or a Accomplished or above Fielder, he can't help you much. Don't sell the old players having high skill index. A player below 23 can still be trained so they can be used.
B- Don't go on a buying spree.  A common mistake most people do, even I did when I was new, was buying players with whatever finances I got. Don't do it. Save up and use money to upgrade training facilities.
C- Try to win matches, thats what you would like and your fans would too. So win matches, increase fanbase and get more income from home-matches.

Question-4- What players should I purchase?
Please don't go purchasing players so soon. At start you have been given enough strength to sustain your team while you are trying to grow. Don't waste your money on Old Players or youngsters in market. 
Why not old players? Because old players from market require higher salaries for their skill than your similar skilled youngster would. 
Why not a youngster?  You are able to find a youngster in market so easily only because his skills were not good enough to train else some older manager would have taken him up already.

Question-5- Which type of training I should give?
The type of training depends upon the old players you have and your first scout.
The first scout is mostly a potential all-rounder so it mostly depends on the old players.
If your old players are good bowlers(accomplished or above), then train your youngsters in Batting.
If your old players are batsmen(reliable or above in both types) and your team has a weak bowling, train in bowling.
You can follow one of the routines below:
A--For Bowling training you should check here, a post by one of the oldest bowling trainers in Hitwicket- SoulCollector (Frozen Throne), or you can check this post here by one of the best known managers and a bowling trainer Sir Priyansh Modi (The Special One)And to check results of a dedicated bowling training check here, it was achieved by Pramod Sripada (Vizag Winners).

B--For Batting Training you should check here, it was posted by Sir Ishan (Delhi Dynamos)...You can also check here it was posted by Sir Amber_Gupta (Gupta FightersXI)

For a rough idea of how much time it takes to train heavy players, check this post by Sir Maximus (The Gladiators) and another post by Sir MasterMind (Rajputians Chichoras)...

C--But all these require a good set of trainees and that requires cash. So here's another idea I got from Sir Maximus (The Gladiators), that was to train in Wicketkeeping/Fielding for a season or 2 and then selling the Wicketkeeper. A decent wicketkeeper is worth a lot more than its Recommended Selling Price so sell them and get good trainees..
How this works? You can check it here. This has been shown by kaukrishhh (SUPER SCOUTERS), check here for the results.

Question-6- I have a decent team but still lose. Is something wrong with the game?
No. Nothing is wrong. Its just that you made a few mistakes in setting the lineup.
You can get a few hints about setting the lineup from here an awesome post by Sir scotch (Malibu).

Question-7- How can I improve my MRP?
Increasing Manager Reputation points, is needed to unlock some new and really good features like Bowling Variation Training, altering stadium capacity, sending scout abroad and setting AFT.
You can read about some tactics to increasing MRP here, it was posted first by DazedNConfused (Marilize Legajuana) and then improved by Sir Maximus (The Gladiators).

Question-8- Which type of player should I buy?
 If after reading the above reasons, you still want to buy some players then follow the guidance of the post related to the training you are giving. Your purchases should depend entirely on the training you intend to follow.

Question-9- Why should I play practice matches? How will they benefit me?
You should play practice matches whenever you have a chance as it allows you to understand how to setup your lineup in a better way. For more info, check this post by Sir MasterMind (Rajputians Chichoras)

In the end, I would just say, its your team and your choice. We can only help you with what we have come across and what we have experienced, but its all upto you to decide which mode suits you the best.
So all the best to all new comers to Hitwicket.
And yeah, if you have any doubts, feel free to bug me or  the managers tagged in the post.

Credit for some links goes to the post by Amar Karam Chandani (Crusaders XI)

A request to Devs: Please create a separate section or monitor guiding posts by senior managers as they get lost in the immense clutter in forum and it takes a lot of time to search for them. The above tagged posts are quiet helpful for newbies but inaccessible due to clutter. Please do something..

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Abhishek Kaushal (The Kings Of Punjab)
Exactly..its something just 1 team in the league would get and unless your player has out-performed others by a huge margin you can never be sure of getting that amount. And performance of players, as u know, is something even the Devs can't predict 
103 months ago
Sir AJRaptor (Klitzon) Yes bro .. exactly .. Thanks
103 months ago
I disagree with the second faq.. I could do so well just coz I sold my bri bri player I got first up.. got to increase my training facilities and also got to buy 6 good batting trainees who r doing good as a team now.. u can check my side..
103 months ago
i do'no bro....
103 months ago
rajalodge # 86
Sir what is AFT?
103 months ago

AFT- Aim For Target is an option which allows managers at Brilliant and higher levels to set a target for their batsmen when they are batting first. Its mainly aimed at the fact that when a team is batting first in a real match, they have a target in mind for the opponent. 
In AFT, your batsmen play as if they are chasing a target as set by AFT. This can give inhuman targets like 300( if u have really good batsmen compared to opponents bowlers) or get your batsmen out for a small total if the AFT was too ambitious.

103 months ago
Jekil Shah (Optimistics XI)
Mate, that's because some other teams in league were either bots or played a really weak set of players against you. So I would call it sheer luck... But its not advisable to sell your highly skilled player as he can often be the difference maker in the match :)
103 months ago
Such a  grateful thinking
103 months ago
Please senior managers,I don't know how to spam comments in posts, pls soam the comments in this post for me, just check this post out, another shocking example of posting-for-likes...
103 months ago
hey when is next u20 starts and how to register for it
103 months ago
Bala Gopala Krishna (babli)
Next U20 is in feb.
Registrations would be starting on 29th January and close on 18th Feb.
You need to have atleast 11 players who would be under 19 year 69 days on Feb 20th.

103 months ago
how to send scouts abroad
103 months ago
santa724 (striking thunders)
For that you need to reach Accomplished level.
Then for each subsequent level, one more country will keep opening up for you to send your scout to.
But sending scout abroad is not really advisable. Considering the fact that the weekly finance for a scout in another country is 300,000 while for a scout in India is just 10,000. So u stand a similar chance of getting a better scout anywhere in the world. India is cheaper in this case :)
103 months ago
Hi Frnds...

When this transfer ends, Rafiq will have been in your team for 3 days. You will therefore have to pay 77% of the profit as PTF to the previous team. 

What is meant by PTF and how is it calculated and how to reduce its % of money being given to previous teams.
103 months ago
Bro PTF or Previous Team Fee is the percentage of profit that you give to any team that had the player in last 80 days. Its calculated based on the profit you earned by selling it and the duration for which you had it. 
To avoid PTF, once you buy a player, either wait for 80 days before selling him or sell for lesser than what you bought it for.
103 months ago
Sir AJRaptor (Klitzon) Thanks for the Valuable info bro....

103 months ago
Hi Frnds...
On wat basis 6 players are selected for training... it shows are 1 , 3, 5 player in the batting order will be trained but even players not in the squad is being trained... from where is 1,3,5 is being selected... how to train the players that we want...
103 months ago
I guess you are asking about batting training. For that there are 3 main reasons- 1- 3slots are given for each match to ensure that you have the option of training your youngster without making your experienced player sit out. 2- Slots 1,3 and 5 provide u to shuffle ur batting without having to play all trainees in same location say 1,2,3 or 4,5,6. 3- We are allowed only 6trainees for a week for the sake of balance, 5batsmen, 1keeper batsman and 5bowlers.
103 months ago
Sir AJRaptor (Klitzon) 
Is the players are selected on the random basis or from the players list for training is being generated.. suppose if i want a particular player to train in batting wat needs to be done....
103 months ago
The player you want to train in batting should ge 1 of the 2 matches in week at 1st 3rd or 5th spot in lineup.
103 months ago
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