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Skill Ponits and Training

by Pavan Chowdary (Indian198) 96 months ago FAQTraining
How many Skill points will increase after each training saturday for each player......

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@pavan It depends on many factors such as the age of the player (younger players train faster), also if the skill has popped to next level then you see a major increase in skill index. So you can't predict for certain that how many skill points the player will get after training Saturday. A good way can be to train a certain skill consecutively for 3-4 weeks or even more.

@kashyap I think its important for you guys to have a FAQ alongside Game Manual !

96 months ago
I do not know how much would that help .. I have seen questions which are already answered in game manual out here!! Something else ... May be a flow chart of all the managerial duties .. 

How about this .. Manager has the following duties.
1). Team lineup - most of the times self explanatory, captain should be experienced, wicket-keeping skills, indicators to watch out for(form, experience, stars etc).
2). Training - what does it mean and when does it apply. Who gets trained and whats the skill index rise. Whats a POP. 
3). Finance - division based sponsors, sources of income. 
4). Scout - Random selection of a player from youth pool. 
5). Stadium - When to add seats and stuff. 

Create a flow chart and set these as key-points and write some text about them. 
96 months ago

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