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i thought so...just wanted to confirm it though.

114 months ago

Match Fixing

by abcgladiators (11gladiators) 114 months ago
My match against Goa XI today (7/11/12) was fixed. I suspect the involvement of kayshap who made the fixing possible.
I order the BCCI, ICICI, HDFC and which ever other authorities are present, to look into this matter. My blowers have a LOT LOT LOT better TSI than the other team Batsmen. Still they were able to hit 6's every now and then. My spinner took 5 wickets even though he bowled in the starting overs while others bolwers were playing gilly dannda on the pitch.

My batsmen where seen playing with their balls and leaving the stumps wide open for the cricket ball...

Oh also....his bowler was able to score 50!!! YES, BOLWER WHO SCORED 50!!! 

I will not stand for this kind of match fixing.

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Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 1
unfortunately our app currently doesn't support match fixing ;)

Even good bowlers get hit once in a while, just a case of batsmen having a lucky day.
A top class spinner will certainly do well irrespective of which overs he bowls, it's just that he will not play to his best potential, if he bowls early on. lets just say he was still so much better than the opposing batsmen that he managed a 5 for.

There is no concept of a 'lineup' for a BOT team, players are randomly selected in the batting lineup. So there is no guarantee that a player batting at no.8 is a bowler. Even then, your star bowlers did do quite well.
114 months ago
u just dont want people to know that match fixing was done in this match! i will hire my own spies and keep a close watch from now on.
114 months ago
Sachin Hyderabad # 3
the match fixing issue might not be there but the, "once in a while" issue u talk about is happening more than, "once in a while". seamers are supposed to get a booster in the initial 5 overs but yet spinners are doing better than seamers (with similar TSIs).
114 months ago
i am not angry or fighthing or anything...i just want to know how the engine calculates...

just look at the *'s in my match, i had better ( LOT better) bolwers and batsmen too.
some of my bastmen did play verywell but...

my 7* bolwer Seam gave away 31 runs n no wickets in 4 overs against his 2* batsmen. HOW!
my 6* spinner took 5  wickets n 25 runs blowing in the early overs. HOW! (probably because his batting against spin sucked)
my 3* bolwer gave away 46 runs in 4 overs to his less than 2* batsmen! HOW!

while his LESS THAN 2* bolwers did far better against some my batsmen's. HOW!

Also he has a player named tendulkar, just coz his last name is tendulkar it does not mean that he should be a super star. He scored 54 runs , he bolwed 4 overs and took 2 wickets and gave only 21 runs at freaking 2*s in both batting and bowling!!! HOW HOW HOW!

There is match fixing going on! admit it, i will find out who was involved in this! :P
114 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 5

Probability. Thats the core of the system.

For each delivery the engine calculates the probability of a certain event based on the relative difference between the batsman & bowler skills, form and experience. The actual event is calculated based on the probability distribution. The match engine algorithm (ME) also adapts to situations like slog overs and required run rate. The algorithm is not linear because we want to obviously mimick real world scenarios like, once in a while even Shreeshant can hit a six :-)  

So sometimes the result may not always be fair...but it keeps things realistic and anyways luck tends to even out over a few matches.

We have tested situations over hundreds of matches and are fairly satisfied with the results.

That said we are continuously monitoring all matches to determine if tweaks are needed. But remember we cannot make a change based on a couple of exceptional incidents, we will need a statistically significant number of such cases.

I apologise for the really late reply, I've been travelling with very limited net access.

114 months ago
i thought so...just wanted to confirm it though.

114 months ago

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