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Increase in no. of matches per week

by Annamneni Karthik 97 months ago FAQ
i think it wuld be more intresting if there are quite a good number of matches that are played per week ....luking forward for the same


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Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 3
there will be friendlies on fridays from next week, more info on that in a few days.
97 months ago
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 7
Teams are allowed to join only from Div III, so Div I and II started off with all BOTS. It's not because of deactivated user teams. The only user teams that you see there are the ones that got promoted in the last 2 seasons. The no of users who play for a month and then quit is actually quite negligible. Making them stick for the first month is the problem we are more concerned about.

The game is designed to be slow, something to be played by spending less time per day but for many months. Adding more matches per week may be more exciting at first but it'l lead to burnout within a few weeks. There needs to be enough time between matches for you to strategize and strengthen your team if needed too.

We intentionally don't want to allow users to change lineup during matches, as it'l penalize those that can't be online arnd that time.
97 months ago
@ImCursed . Some things i need to say here.My comments are according to the points said by you

1) If league matches are going to be on alternate days then think in how many weeks a season will end . Maybe 2-3 week .Everything will be happening so fastly , u hardly will be having time to think and strategize for long term goals.

Short term goal is topping your league ,but think about long term , think about persisting in next division if you go up. I've seen many a teams going up division in a season and relegating back to same division in next.Here i would like to say , have a look at his team @satyasarthak . His team is not going to relegate back in next season because he is more concentrated on long term goals.So my point , long term planning will take a hit if matches are played on consecutive days . 

2)Time between innings is fine from point of view . People also needs some break from following commentary for whole 1 hr . plus it gives you time to do bakar in league chat.

3)This has been told multiple times . That many of us here are working . So it's possible we won't having time while the match is going on . The people who are watching while match is going on gets an unfair advantage in this case.In my case i don't want to sit around everytime and do changes in lineup , just because my opponent is doing it.

4)It's already less . Think of it this way 120 balls in 1 hr . So 2 balls in 1 min . There are people who like to follow their friends matches also . Give them sometime to do that.:) . I myself , sometimes follow my league matches.

5)This is the only point i agree with . Even kashyap agreed with it when it was raised last time . It was told to us it would be taken care of.So this can be provided in next season i guess.
97 months ago
Teuton (Mumbai Thugs) mumbai # 16
we are all gaming freaks here. But I already that know I am going to play hitwicket for ages for the reasons spelt out by kashyap and metalhead above.
97 months ago
we think opponents think
we do they do. so, we must do better than the best
better than the rest :) :) that is it rit
97 months ago

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