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by Snikks Sree (THE FUTURE HEADS) 96 months ago
hey,,,. anyone knows how many matches in a league for a team ?????

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us9898 (Us9898) Bangalore # 1
9 home
9 away
total 18
96 months ago
thank you both... :)  after we played all the 18th matches what we will do..?

if iam 1st position of the league team thn.. wht will happen?
96 months ago
then u will be promoted to upper division and u have to play next season with those teams .......... only if u remain at 1st position
96 months ago
@akshat :  ok , now iam in league IV. 61 so, i will be promoted to IV 60 ha???
96 months ago
no, u will be promoted to any league of III division ......... all leagues in same division are equivalent ..... the ultimate aim is to reach I division and win there
96 months ago
hooo.. thats great ...:) so, ur also in league IV 4 in 1st position,,... all the best to remain the same position...:):)
96 months ago
thanx and same to u..........lets meet in III division if i reach there 
96 months ago
yeah sure thank you ,,,, ur in FB give the link ??

96 months ago
96 months ago
and more quest  @Akshat: there is a thing in training center   i upgraded my Private Ground.. and there is more also
Biomedical Lab  
Practice Pitches  

so, if updated this what will happen to my team ? shall i updated this?

96 months ago
 hey u should update them ..... ur players will train much faster ..... i have already updated them
96 months ago
ok thanks...:)
updating progress..........
96 months ago
Satyasarthak (Shree) Bangalore # 13

@Snik's Sree.....the first thing you should do is upgrade your training facilities to the are going to gain a lot from that... :-)
96 months ago
biomedical lab is pending now. i don't have that much finance....:( 75 % got over...:)

96 months ago
Satyasarthak (Shree) Bangalore # 15

You got a home match coming...and looking at your wins...that should be house full...use that and upgrade... :-)
96 months ago
yeah.. thank you.. setting the lineup for the next match..

96 months ago

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