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Increased fitness?

by scotch (Malibu) 92 months ago
Am I the only one or do you guys see that all your players are supremely fit, even if you did not get them trained in that area... 
Unfair for people who used up a training session especially for that cause .. 

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Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) Hyderabad # 6
The way it works is, first the fitness loss is calculated for all players and applied. 
Then later on, Fitness increase is applied to everyone who is trained in fitness. So there is a very real possibility of one guy dropping a level, but recovering back right after that. Thats the reason for the confusion.

From this week onwards we'l be moving Fitness drops to Thursday morn while training update remains Saturday. This should make things clear. 
Added advantage, if you DO have a few fitness drops, you have the option to change training focus before saturday to rectify matters.
92 months ago

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